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Student of the Year 2012

December 2012 Grading Results

Totally TKD Magazine - December 2012 - Issue 46 Released

Black Belts Bio Page Updated

Totally TKD Magazine - November 2012 - Issue 45 Released

November Black Belt Grading Results

Taekwon-Do Explosion 2012 Results

LTSI English Open Results

Totally TKD magazine - October 2012 - Issue 44 Released

September, 2012 Grading Results

British Championship (Wales) Results

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Hae Sul Review

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Hae Sul Foreword

Totally TKD magazine - September - Issue 43 Released

Totally TKD magazine - August 2012 - Issue 42 Released

GTI Open Championship Results

Totally TKD magazine - July 2012 - Issue 41 Released

Video of the PUMA Worldchampionships 2011 & 2012

June Kup Grading Results

Totally TKD - June 2012- Issue 40 released

Totally TKD - May 2012- Issue 39 released

PUMA Open World Championship Report
and Results

Taekwon-Do Explosion 2011 - Report & Photos
(sorry, a bit late with this)

Totally TKD - April 2012- Issue 38 released

Grading Results - March 2012

LTSI South East Opens Results

Totally TKD - March 2012- Issue 37 released

NITA Competition Results

GTI English Champ Results

Totally TKD - February 2012- Issue 36 released

Totally TKD - January 2012 - Issue 35 released

December, 2011 Kup Grading Results

Black Belts Page & Biographies Updated

Totally TKD - December 2011 - Issue 34 released

GTI Brtish Championship Results

Dan Grading Results & Video - 25th October, 2011

Totally TKD - November 2011 - Issue 33 released

All Black Belt Grading Results now feature the grading video

Totally TKD - October 2011 - Issue 32 released

NY XVI Tournament Results

September 2011 Grading Results

Totally TKD - September 2011 - Issue 31 released

Totally TKD - August 2011 - Issue 30 released

GTI Open National Tournament Results

Totally TKD - July 2011 - Issue 29 released

June Grading Results

Totally TKD - June 2011 - Issue 28 released

Totally TKD - May 2011 - Issue 27 released

April Dan Grading
Results & Video

Black Belt Bio's Updated

Totally TKD - April 2011 - Issue 26 released

PUMA World Championships - Results

Kup Grading Results - March 2011

South East Opens 2011 Photos

Student Awards Page Overhauled

Competition Results (GTI & LTSI) Added

Some Photos from TKD Explosion 2010

Totally TKD - March 2011 - Issue 25 released

3 New Videos Added

- South East Opens 2010
- LTSI Invitationals 2009
- White Tigers Tournament 2009

Totally TKD - February 2011 - Issue 24 released

3 More 'Patterns: the Devil Is In The Details' articles uploaded

Totally TKD - January 2011 - Issue 23 released

December, 2010 Grading Results

Totally TKD - December 2010 - Issue 22 released

White Tigers Tournament Results

Web Site Videos Undergo a revamp - all restored with original sound tracks

LOADS of new articles added

Report Of Mr Anslow & Mr Gautams Recent Gradings + Video Reel

Competition Results Page Has Been Overhauled

Photo Section Updated

Totally TKD - November 2010 - Issue 21 released

Totally TKD - October 2010 - Issue 20 released

September Grading Results

Recommended Reading Page Updated

Totally TKD - September 2010 - Issue 19 released

All Black belt Bio's Updated

Black Belts Page Updated

POA Page Updated

Jissen 7 released

Totally TKD - August 2010 - Issue 18 released

Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-Do Patterns RELEASED

Totally TKD Mag - Issue 17

Grading results - June 2010

Totally TKD Mag - Issue 16

Taekwon-Do Explosion 2010 Results
Full results, reports and pictures in Junes Totally TKD mag

Totally TKD Magazine - Issue 15

Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine 14 released

March 2010 Grading Results

2010 South East Opens Results

Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine 13 released

Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine 12 released

December 2009 Grading Results

New Class Times for 2010

Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine 11 released

Jissen 6 released

December 2009 News Letter

White Tiger Invitational Tournament Results

November 2009 News Letter

Totally TKD Issue 9 (November 2009)

Camping 2009 Photos

LTSI Invitationals 2009 Results & Photo's

September 2009 Grading Results

Totally TKD Issue 8 (October 2009)

October 2009 News Letter

September 2009 News Letter

Totally TKD Issue 7 (September 2009)

August 2009 News Letter

Totally TKD issue 6 Out

August 2009 News Letter

10 Year Anniversary Report, Book, Video & Party Photo's

July 2009 News Letter

TotallyTKD Issue 5 (July 2009)

10th Anniversary Video

17th June Grading Results

TotallyTKD - Issue 4 (June 2009) Released

Jissen Issue 5 Released

June News Letter

All Video Reels replaced with original music versions

May News Letter

Rogues Gallery of Injuries

Commemorative DVD Preview Uploaded

Dan Grading
Results & Video

April 2009 News Letter

& Photo's from Lutterwork Championships Online

Links page updated

Results in for Lutterworth Championships

Extensive Updates on Comp results page

"Top Books" page updated

South East Opens 2009 Video Added

Training Diary Updated

Web Site Receives Overhaul :-)

March 2009 Kup Grading Results

2009 Press Pages Updated

2008 Press Pages Updated

South East Opens 2009 Results

March 2009 News Letter

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul pages updated with new covers

Totally Tae Kwon Do Magazine Web Site Online

Press Page Update

Jissen 4 released

February 2009 News Letter

White Tigers 2008 Video Online

Student Awards Page Updated

2008 Christmas Magazine Download

January 2009 News Letter

Index (site entry) page redone

Grading Results for December, 2008

December 2008 News Letter

Student Awards Page Updated

POA Page Updated

White Tigers 2008 Competition Results

New Article: Taekwon-do's Black Hole!

New Article: An Internal Pattern in Taekwon-do?

New Martial Arts Press Article

ITF: Evolution or Seperation - the full article

November News Letter

New version of Mr Avis's 2nd Degree Grading

Jissen, Vol 3 now available

LTSI Open Results

New Book Review

2 New Press Articles

September 2nd Dan Grading Video Reel

September Dan Grading Results

October News Letter

Grading Results for September, 2008

Willie Lim Seminar Photos
& Report

Warren Vice Seminar Photos
+ Video

September 2008 News Letter

10 Year Anniversay Video Clip Preview

Contacts page updated

Training Diary page updated

Student of the Month section updated

August 2008 News Letter Uploaded

Certificates Page Updated

July 2008 News Letter Uploaded

Issue 2 of Jissen magazine now available

Syllabus Section - 10th Kup to 3rd Degree Updated

ITF Developments page updated to reflect latest changes

All pattern links in Section 2 & 3 have been updated and a link to Kodang has been added

New "Decent Taekwon-do Forums" list added to the links page

New Article: "The Making of a Black Belt"

11th June Grading Results

Rite of Passage - Press Article

Summer Slam Tournament Results

Funny Self Defence Skit Demo Video

June News Letter

Visitors Photo Page

2nd to 1st Kup Syllabus DVD Preview online

May 2008 News Letter

New Syllabus DVD Released

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul Preview Updated

Video Section Updated

Master Willy Lim - Tasekwon-do Pioneer - Seminar Details

March 2008 Black Belt Grading Report

April 2008 News Letter

March 2008 Dan Grading Video reel

March 2008 Dan Grading Results

March 2008 Kup Grading Results

September 2006 Dan Grading Video Upload

South East Opens 2008 report

Jissen Magazine - Vol 1 - Free Download

South East Opens 2008 Results

March 2008 News Letter

New Applications (Boon Hae) DVD on sale

Combat Magazine DVD Reviews

Photo's from a recent Boon Hae Seminar in Northampton

Chang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul PDF Download (updated March '08)

Press Page Update

updates to:
Black Belt Page, 2nd Kup, 1st Kup & 1st degree syllabus lists & Section 3 Notes

Feb '08 News Letters

Art of Martial Art Video Uploaded

21st January Grading results

New Seminars Page

January 2008 News Letter Online

Training Times page renamed to 'Classes' and updated with more info on each class

Last ITF Pioneers DVD on sale

Chang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul PDF Download
(updated Jan '08)

New Articles in the Martial Arts Press - 2008

End of Year 2007 Photos & Xmas Party Pics

Student of the Year 2007 Page Updated

2007 Christmas magazine Available

2006 Xmas Photos uploaded (Better late than never)

Training Diary Updated

12th December Grading Results Added

Grading Information Updated

2 New Video Preview Clips Clips Added

Video Section of Web Site has been extensively updated

New DVDs for sale

New DVD Previews Page

DVDs for Sales Page Updated with new DVDs & previews

December 2007 News Letter

Press Page Update

Chang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul PDF Download (updated Dec '07)

New 6th to 3rd Kup Syllabus DVD for sale + Preview Clip

Competition Statistics Pages Added

White Tigers Tournament Results Added

Training Diary Page Updated

November News Letter Added

IAOMAS Scrap Book Page Updated

Training Diary Page Updated

Student Awards Page Updated

Training Diary Page Updated

New 10th to 7th Kup Syllabus DVD for sale + Preview Clip

1st Kup, 1st Degree & 2nd Degree Syllabus Updated

LTSI Invitational 2007 Report & Photos

LTSI Invitational 2007 Results

Syllabus DVD Preview

Chang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul PDF Download (update Oct '07)

October News Letter

Hae Sul Article Pt6

Hae Sul Article Pt5

LTSI Training Day (Press)

The Training Diary page is back

September Grading Results

Chang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul PDF Download

Taekwon-do Explosion Report, Results, Photos & Video

Hae Sul Seminar Report in Press Section

South East Opens Report in Press Section

Hae Sul Article Pt4

Article: Continous Sparring: Is It A Lost Sport?

Aprils Combat Panel

LTSI National Training Day Report

LTSI National Training Day Video

Student Awards Pages Updated

Rayners Lane In Action Video

April 2007 News Letter

March 2007 Grading Results

Hae Sul Seminar Report

South East Opens 2007 Report

South East Opens 2007 Results

April Combat Panel

Hae Sul Article Pt3

Hae Sul Article Pt2

Hae Sul Article Pt1

March 2007 News Letter

Calendar Updated

Photos Planet PUMA Book Review

Photos from White Tigers 2006 Tournament

February 2007 News Letter

February Combat Panel

2006 Christmas magazine (in download sections)

December 2006 Grading Results

Taekwondo Times Book Review

Jan 07 Combat Panel

Press: Interview with Stuart Anslow

Press: Decembers Combat Panel

December 2006 News Letter

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul is Combat Magazines Book of the Month - read the review here

New Cool DVDs in stock

White Tigers Invitational Results

September 2006 Dan Grading Report & Photos

September 2006 Dan & Coloured Belt Grading Results

LTSI Invitational 2006 Report, Results & Photos

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul Readers Reviews

March Black Belt Grading Video

Press: Rayners Lane Students in LTSI Report

Press Report - IAOMAS Canada Visits England

IAOMAS Seminar Reports from TKD&KMA + MAI

3rd IAOMAS Seminar Report
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