Stuart Anslow is one of the UK's leading exponents of in-depth Taekwon-do, its applications (Boon Hae) and other areas relating to Taekwon-do (ie. Traditional Sparring). His book "Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul: Real Applications to the ITF Patterns" is a No.1 seller in the Taekwon-do book market on both and

Stuart runs seminars for Taekwon-do & martial art schools/groups who wish to include boon hae within their curriculium, or learn about/train in aspects of Taekwon-do often neglected by larger organisations. He has hosted seminars both in the UK and the USA, both pure Taekwon-do based and mixed seminars.

Though in high demand for 'Application' seminars, due to the popularity of his
book, he is often ask to show the other areas of Taekwon-do as part of his seminars. He also runs Self Protection courses which come highly praised by his local borough council and other groups.
Arranging a Seminar
If you'd like Stuart to visit your dojang to run a seminar, please email or call Stuart on 07759 438779 and discuss your requirements. Seminars can be based soley around 'boon hae' (applications) or a mixture of the various elements of Taekwon-do, from patterns, to traditional and/or competition sparring (Stuart has a good competition career as well), to Self Protection. Seminar costs are a set fee depending on distance, charges are down to the seminars hosts, so local instructors are welcome to not only cover their costs, but also make some extar money for their own schools if they wish, please contact us for pricing.

Seminar Aspects
The following is a breakdown of what can be taught at a seminar. They can concentrate soley on one aspect or combine different aspect (time permitting):

- Boon Hae: Realistic & functional applications to the Ch'ang Hon/ITF patterns

- Self Protection: Modern approach to self protection, which is suitable for both martial artists and non-martial artists (min 3/4 hours) - children under 13 are not allowed at these seminars

- Chan T'ong Matsogi: Traditional sparring which incorporates stand up fighting with less restrictions (ie. low kicks etc.), throws, sweeps and basic groundwork. Seminars would include vary levels to gear up to this type of sparring before rushing head first into it. Teens & Adults only

- Hosinsul: Self Defence Techniques - utilised against common everyday attacks

- Kicking Skills - to develop and train the wide variety of Taekwon-dos kicking arsenal

- Anti-Weapons Training: - Knife Work - From close range combative defences, to 1 step with knife and free sparring with knife, as well as various knife related drills (can also include gun defences for senior grades) - children under 13 are not allowed at these seminars

- Competition Sparring - both 'Points' & 'Light Continuous' sparring is covered, including drills and pad work

- Traditional Taekwon-do - Any aspects of Taekwon-do from traditional patterns, to step sparring, please see the Rayners Lane syllabus for areas you may like

- Training Sessions - Simply hardcore training sessions, designed to wake up your members, make them sweat buckets and push them to their limits

Here are a few comments from hosts of previous seminars from last year:

"It was an excellent afternoon for all involved. Everyone from the most senior grades to the lower got something from the day and enjoyed the opportunity to add something to their study of the Ch'ang Hon pattern set. All my students came away from the day with a new insight into their patterns and a new enthusiasm for training them."
- Paul Mitchell, II, TAGB

"The group learnt choke holds, breaks and even the odd throwing technique that many did not know existed within their current tuls they had learnt to date. There was no difference in application, just how all of us saw it in relation to real application in self defence. The students were buzzing as Stuart moved around the floor correcting all participants by explaining in deep detail."
- Chris Snow, V, Chairman of the LTSI

"...the sting was delivered when red and black belts took part in what was called traditional sparring which involved low kicking (light contact), grappling to the floor and choke outs under control. After speaking to many of the applicants, they said they loved as it was different and would like to try it again in the future."
- Chris Snow, V, Chairman of the LTSI (Traditional Sparring part of a seminar)


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