The colured belt syllabus of the Academy consists of all the grading requirements up to 1st degree black belt. The syllabus was created by the Academies instructor and is based on the original ITF syllabus & ideas by the instructor himself, plus modern training concepts of today.

The early grades take in to account correct basics, following through to the intermediate grades where students learn about attack, defence and correct technique.

The higher grades allow more free thinking, gradually enabling the student to be able to utilize the skills & techniques they have learnt in accordance with their own confidence in certain techniques & their body size. It is very important that students are able to think for themselves rather than be a clone or look like a mechanical robot.

Gradings are a minimum of 3 months apart (with consistant training) & six months apart from blue belt onwards. All gradings include a practical side, a theory exam & from yellow belt (8th Kup) onwards, destruction.

As the students progress through the ranks they learn items not actually required in the syllabus (for gradings until senior grades). These include break falling & throwing techniques, wrist, arm & leg locks, chokes, pressure points, ground work, grappling & weapon defence. These areas allow the student to develop into an all round martial artist, capable in all ranges of defence.

Also, along side the above, students learn a comprehensive, street smart, self protection system, which includes both theory & practical work.

Plus all students learn what is termed the non-core syllabus, which includes throwing techniques, pressure points, ground fighting etc.

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