"Stuart Anslow, has maintained the tradition of excellence with his standardized Taekwon-do curriculum. His persistence, perseverance, and passion in Taekwon-do well exceeds even the spirit of some of the pioneer Korean Taekwon-do masters I have known."

"This excellent book, one of its kind, provides revelations to the Chang Hon Tuls and is an epitome of Mr. Anslows work over the years. They are the “lost techniques” from the first generation Taekwon-do Grandmasters. This book in essence brings back the “lost legacy” of Gen. Choi’s Chang Hon Taekwon-do."

"I know of neither Western nor Korean author who has gone this far to publish a book on Chang Hon Taekwon-do tul/pattern analysis ...
" - Yi, Yun Wook, Taekwon-do Instructor

"Ch'ang Hon Taekwondo Hae Sul should be in the library of all practitioners of ITF Taekwondo.
Read on, learn and enjoy!"
- Iain Abernethy
Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul
Real Applications To The ITF Patterns       Vol: 1
2nd edition, hard back
by Stuart Anslow
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading
This ground breaking first book studies the history and development of the Ch'ang Hon (ITF) Taekwon-do patterns as devised, taught and developed by the founder of Taekwon-do General Choi, Hong Hi.

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul is an in-depth study of the Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do patterns, their history, their roots, Taekwon-do's evolution, its genetic make up, its differences with other martial arts and the techniques and movements which define the system, detailing for the first time since its inception, realistic interpretations for the patterns Chon-Ji, Dan-Gun, Do-San, Won-Hyo, Yul-Gok, Joong-Gun and Toi-Gye, as well as Saju Jirugi and Saju Makgi.

Over 17 chapters, covering over 350 pages, with over 1,600 photographs, the patterns are examined, dissected and rebuilt to help both students and instructors understand the applications that are really contained within the Ch'ang Hon patterns, many of which were previously unknown and undocumented.

Learn what the techniques and combinations of each of the Ch'ang Hon patterns are actually for, in step by step photographic detail, and how to turn your patterns into a realistic way of training actual self defence techniques that work and turn them into something much more than they are practiced today.

Along the way, the reader is treated to a fascinating insight into the history of the Ch'ang Hon patterns as well as Taekwon-do itself, with many of its previously unknown, undocumented or understudied principles revealed. Read what helped to shape the art which became so feared on the battlefield of Vietnam that enemy soldiers were told not to engage the Korean soldiers, whether armed or not, due to their knowledge of Taekwon-do.

A historical study of Taekwon-do and its patterns, a training manual and an encyclopedia of realistic applications make this book a must read for all those that study and practice Taekwon-do.

A milestone for the development of Taekwon-do.

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Over 350 pages, 17 Chapters (plus 7 Appendix’s), over 1,600 pictures and photographs,
2nd edition, Hard back

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