Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul
Real Applications To The ITF Patterns       Vol: 1

The new book by Stuart Anslow
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading
Table Of Content

Acknowledgements, Foreword by Yi, Yun Wook, Foreword by Iain Abernethy, About The Author, Introduction, Why Did I Write This Book?

Chapter 1: Where's The Applications
The Purpose Of This Book, The Encyclopedia Of Taekwon-do, Food For Thought, The Shotokan Connection, The Kwon Bop Connection, The Taek-Kwon Connection, The Tae Soo Do Connection, The Birth Of Taekwon-do, Taekwon-do On The Battlefield, Formulation Of The Ch'ang Hon Tul, Taekwon-do Lineage

Chapter 2: Debunking Taekwon-do Myths
Taekwon-do Is Mostly Kicks. Taekwon-do Doesn't Contain Throws, Taekwon-do Contains Weapons, Taekwon-do Patterns Are Only For … (insert here), Taekwon-do Patterns Are For Historical Purposes, Patterns Training Is Dead Training, Patterns Don't Work, Making Patterns Come Alive
+ more

Chapter 3: Differences In Taekwon-do
Scientific Applications, Movement, The Theory Of Power, Non-Listed Scientific Principles,  Ki, Original Ki Cultivation Points, Technical Differences With Karate
+ more

Chapter 4: Finding The Applications
The Meaning Of 'Hae Sul', Taekwon-do For Self Defence, Application Research, Research Conclusion, Should We Look Deeper? + more

Chapter 5: Utilizing Applications
Common Misconceptions, The Bottom Line, The Applications Themselves, When To Teach Applications, When Are Applications Applicable to Self Defence, Knowing The Application Isn't Enough, Teaching Patterns Applications, Teaching Applications To Children

Chapter 6: Bringing It Altogether
Modus Operandi, What I Did, What I Didn't Do, What We Find, Final Thoughts Before We Move On, Aligning Ourselves For Combat, Chapter 7 Onwards + more

Chapter 7: Basic Movements
Movement And Sine Wave, Pattern Diagrams, Ready Postures, Stances, The Fist, Reaction Hand/Arm, Chambering Positions + more

Chapter 8: Saju Jirugi
Saju Jirugi - Step By Step, Saju Jirugi - Introduction, Applications from Saju Jirugi, Alternative Applications To Saju Jirugi

Chapter 9: Saju Makgi
Saju Makgi - Step By Step, Saju Makgi - Introduction, Applications from Saju Makgi

Chapter 10: Chon-Ji tul
Chon-Ji tul - Step By Step, Chon-Ji tul - Introduction, Applications from Chon-Ji tul, Alternative Applications To Chon-Ji tul

Chapter 11: Dan-Gun tul
Dan-Gun tul - Step By Step, Dan-Gun tul - Introduction, Applications from Dan-Gun tul, Alternative Applications to Dan-Gun tul

Chapter 12: Do-San tul
Do-San tul - Step By Step, Do-San tul - Introduction, Applications from Do-San tul, Alternative Applications To Do-San tul

Chapter 13: Won-Hyo tul
Won-Hyo tul - Step By Step, Won-Hyo tul - Introduction, Applications from Won-Hyo tul, Alternative Applications To Won-Hyo tul

Chapter 14: Yul-Gok tul
Yul-Gok tul - Step By Step, Yul-Gok tul - Introduction, Applications from Yul-Gok tul, Alternative Applications To Yul-Gok tul

Chapter 15: Joong-Gun tul
Joong-Gun tul - Step By Step, Joong-Gun tul - Introduction, Applications from Joong-Gun tul, Alternative Applications To Joong-Gun tul

Chapter 16: Toi-Gye tul
Toi-Gye tul - Step by Step, Toi-Gye tul - Introduction, Applications from Toi-Gye tul, Alternative Applications To Toi-Gye tul

Chapter 17: In Conclusion
Quick Recap, Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum, The Acid Test, Commercialism, Fitness Work, The Making Of A Black Belt, The Future + more

End Notes
Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul:Volume 2 and 3, Your Thoughts Are Welcome, IAOMAS (International Alliance Of Martial Art Schools), Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy, Photographs Of The Author + more

Taekwon-do Pattern Techniques - Cross Reference Guide, Patterns/Kata Reference, Kata Analysis, Pressure Point Reference, What is Ki?, Sine Wave Article + more


Book Details
Over 350 pages
17 Chapters (plus 7 Appendix’s)
Over 1,600 pictures and photographs, Soft Cover*, with perfect binding, 8.5" x 11", approx weight 900g
'+ more' means not every section of the Chapter is listed. This ensures some nice surprises for book purchasers
"Stuart Anslow, has maintained the tradition of excellence with his standardized Taekwon-do curriculum. His persistence, perseverance, and passion in Taekwon-do well exceeds even the spirit of some of the pioneer Korean Taekwon-do masters I have known."

"This excellent book, one of its kind, provides revelations to the Chang Hon Tuls and is an epitome of Mr. Anslows work over the years. They are the “lost techniques” from the first generation Taekwon-do Grandmasters. This book in essence brings back the “lost legacy” of Gen. Choi’s Chang Hon Taekwon-do."

"I know of neither Western nor Korean author who has gone this far to publish a book on Chang Hon Taekwon-do tul/pattern analysis ...
" - Yi, Yun Wook, Taekwon-do Instructor

"Ch'ang Hon Taekwondo Hae Sul should be in the library of all practitioners of ITF Taekwondo.
Read on, learn and enjoy!"
- Iain Abernethy