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Video Clips
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Kick It 2003
Students Sparrng at Kick It 2003
Kick It - March 2004
Students Sparrng at Kick It 2004 March (Individuals & Team events)
South East Open 2004
Rayners Lane students Sparrng & Breaking at the 2004 South East Opens
Kick It 2002
Instructors & students sparring at Kick It 2002
UKTA London Open 2003
Students Sparrng at a UKTA Event
Kick It - October 2004
Rayners Lane students Patterns & Sparrng at Kick It 2004 - October
BUTF British Championships 2004
Rayners Lane students enter the lions den!
Fun Self defence Skit Demo 2008
The Demo Section of Summer Slam Event, 2008
Taekwon-do Explosion 2007
Super Cool Video Reel of the event
White Tigers Tournament 2008
Action from a small tournament that took place in 2008
AIMAA World Championships 2004
Sparring, Patterns & Destruction Action from the 2004 World Champs
Rayners Lane at the 7th South East Opens 2010
Video by Nick Boston
LTSI Invitationals 2009
Video by Jenni Lockyer
White Tigers Tournament 2009
November 2009. Video by Jenni Lockyer
Rayners Lane at the 6th South East Opens 2009
Sparring, patterns, special technique & destruction - March 2009
Lutterworth Taekwon-Do Championships 2009
Sparring, Patterns, Special Technique from - March 2009
PUMA Open World Championships
Highlights from 2011 & 2012