By Tim Posynick of Jung Shin Do, Canada

During my recent visit to England in May 2006, it luckily coincided with the 3rd annual
International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools Seminar that was being held on the 6th May
and I was lucky enough to attend, train and teach at this fantastic seminar. It was special
for me, as being part of IAOMAS since day 1 we have found it hard in Canada to organise
similar seminars due to the vast distances between many of the club but not for want of
trying, so to be part of one meant a lot and the guys in England do a great job with their one.

The seminar is composed of clubs and instructors that are part of the International Alliance
of Martial Arts Schools (see and is run at minimum costs for those that
attend, this year running for around 7 hours for only 10 per student to cover hall costs and
all attendees get a nice shiny certificate as well to take home. Whats more, the level of
instruction was second to none, its one of those few occasions where cost isn't representive
of value and as such, IAOMAS furfills its role and is an absolute asset to those students of
clubs involved.

The Seminar itself was held at the Rayner's Lane TaeKwonDo School in London, England.
Hosting this year's event again was Mr. Stuart Anslow, head instructor of Rayner's Lane
TaeKwonDo and concept founder of the I.A.O.M.A.S. The seminar this year was truly an
international event as instructors from Denmark and Canada were in attendance  and a wide
array of martial arts concepts and styles were present at the seminar with styles ranging from
TaeKwonDo, to Wing Chun Kung Fu, to Karate-Do to HapKiDo.

The day Kicked- off with a rousing warm up by Anthony "Antz" Whittaker, who did a great job
despite being ask to do it last minute, which was more of gesture of faith rather than as the
English say 'a stitch up' and Anthony, despite being nervous did an excellent job.

The first seminar section held was by Mr. Oliver van Overbeek, Sifu from the Por Jung
Wing Chun Kung Fu school where he taught Wing Chun training methods such as clearing
the centre line, relaxation, sticking and trapping. This was a hands on section and everyone
enjoyed trying and applying the Wing Chun training methods and getting into action
straight away.

The second section was conducted by Mr. Tom Bryans, 4th Dan WTF TaeKwonDo.
Mr. Bryans taught a WTF kicking drill session focusing on speed and repetition as well
as challenging participants to some jumping techniques. Following the kicks was an
introduction to the WTF first form Taeguek Il Jang where he led everyone though the
techniques of this form.

The third section was conducted by last minute addition Ms. Emma Brown, 2nd Dan from
the Jung Shin Kwan HapKiDo school. Ms. Brown introduced the crowd to some basic front
and rear break falling techniques to ensure everyone could land safely for what was to
follow. She then  began showing the double collar grab, or lapel grab defense, as well as
armlocks and throws from her system of HapKiDo

The seminar broke for a short lunch break and then continued onward with the fourth
instructor and seminar host Mr. Stuart Anslow, 4th Dan, Ch'ang Hun TaeKwonDo. Mr.
Anslow taught anti-take down techniques to ward off the two-leg 'shoot type' take down,
offering different alternatives and applications depending on how you reacted to the situation,
including one where you are able to grab and turn it to your advantage by ending up on top
of your opponent. He then introduced the crowd to some deflection and control technique
against a knife-wielding attacker using a 'brachial stun' to knock out the opponent which
flowed seamlessly into a lock o the knife arm.

The fifth seminar section was conducted by Mr. Fereidun Dariagard, 6th Dan Gensei-Ryu
KarateDo of Copenhagen, Denmark. Sensei Dariagard demostrated the "bunkai" or
application of several techniques from one of the Gensei-Ryu Kata, utilizing hand blocks
and leg take-downs and counters from the ground. These flowed from one technique to
another with 'Freddy' as he is known adding more techniques as he went on. He also taught
close range take downs which finished with a solid choke or arm locks.

The sixth section was taught by Mr. Garth Barnard, of the Free-style "Combatives" Martial
Arts school. Mr. Barnard showed pre-emptive line ups and power slaps and hammer fists,
as well as conducting instruction in "cycling" or the constant forward attack principle utilizing
the power-slap and hammer-fist techniques. He also made some important and interesting
points with regards to women in self defence and DNA.

Following this was Mr. Marc Jones, 4th Dan Head instructor for the Jung Shin Kwan
HapKiDo school. Mr. Jones demonstrated the circling principles of HapKiDo self-defense,
applied to the neck throw, inside neck reap, outside arm control and balance disruption with
his poor students getting flung left right and centre, he finished his section with a painful
head lock which could easily be followed through into a dangerous throw.

After a brief break the seminar continued with the second international visitor this time Mr.
Tim Posynick, 4th Dan, Head Instructor of the Jung Shin Do, North Valley Martial Arts
Academy of Enderby, BC, Canada. Mr. Posynick introduced the seminar participants to the
basic principles of consistent motion utilizing the figure - 8 concept of deflection and counter
strike movement as well as applications from kenpo that utilized flowing elbow strikes and
sweeps, finishing in arm bars. He also pointed out thumb strikes attacks and how they can
work in various situations to create space where a punch or strike couldn't be drawn back
due to the range.

The final section of the day was a very welcoming lesson in Tai Chi Qi Gong meditation and
relaxation technique, taught by Mr. Andy Wright, 5th Dan, of the Riekijutsu Martial Arts
School, this section was extremely welcomed by all participants after the tough sessions
earlier on and was the ideal compliment to wind everyone down. Sensei Wright taught some
of the Chi breathing exercises associated with his system as well as demonstrating Chi and
having everyone attempt to do the same. This section left everyone relaxed and mellow.

It was a very long and taxing yet thoroughly enjoyable day of martial arts training with some
excellent martial arts instruction by the IAOMAS instructors, covering a vast array of different
techniques all based around the common thread of we are all martial artists first and 'stylists'
second, meaning everyone could appreciate and enjoy everyone else's section.

Though some had to go, many of the attendees went off for a well deserved bit to eat and
the martial arts talk and fun continued into the night at a local restaurant which topped off
not only a brilliant and rewarding day, but also my great visit to England.

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