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The Taekwon-do History You Probably Never Knew!

Chambering The Perfect Side Piercing Kick

How Long Should  It Take To Get A Taekwon-Do Black Belt?

Top Tips for Successful Competition

From Black Belt to Slumdog - An Interview With Dev Patel

Surprise: Our Secret Ally

Patterns: The Devil Is In The Details - Pt4

Patterns: The Devil Is In The Details - Pt3

Patterns: The Devil Is In The Details - Pt2

Patterns: The Devil Is In The Details - Pt1

Ency Of TKD Patterns Review

Foreword By Master George Vitale

Nam, Tae Hi - Silent Founder Of Taekwon-Do

Tribute To Grandmaster Tran Trieu Quan

Taekwon-Do's Science

Master Willie Lim Interview

Pioneer TKD Association Interview

Top Tips For Competition

Dev Patel: From Black Belt To Slumdog

Taekwon-do's Black Hole

An Internal Pattern for Taekwon-do

ITF: Evolution or Seperation - the full article

ITF: Evolution or Seperation

The Taeguek Cipher (Book Review)

The Making of a Black Belt

Light Continuous Sparring: A Lost Sport?!

Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul (PDF Download)

Debunking Taekwon-do Myths

Interview on Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul with the author
                                                              by Marek Handzel

Patterns: Telling it like it is - The sine-wave
- by Stuart Anslow   UPDATED

Getting Your Kicks from Taekwon Do Patterns
    by Colin Wee

The Truth about Groundfighting - by Gavin Mulholland

TKD & KMA Interview The Academys Instructor (zip file download)

Interview with Grandmaster Kong, Young Il, 9th degree - by Stuart Anslow

The Differences Between A Front Kick & A Front Snap Kick
- by W Rhee

Combat Hall of Fame Awards 2003

The Arts Highest Form

Destruction by Mr V Gautam

Dan Gun - the full story

Martial Icons (circa 1998) - by Stuart Anslow

International Alliance Of Martial Arts SchoolsBudo International Magazine

The Origins Of Tang Soo Do - Who Is Right by Robert Bass

Hapkido in the UK by Master Beom Kim

Tae Kwon Do in the 21st Century by Richard Carlucci, II

What Is A Good Instructor by W Rhee

Stories Behind The Sine-Wave

UK Offensive Weapons Act 1996

Streetwise Guide to Offensive Weapons not really an article just a great little flash animation (thats worth waiting to see)

The Last Words Of General Choi Hong Hi

The Student/Instructor Relationship by General Choi

Differences Between Karate`s "Roundhouse Kick" & Taekwon-do`s "Turning Kick"!
                                                                                                                                                            by W Rhee
The Application Secrets Of The Patterns by W Rhee

Picture Tribute To Grandmaster Rhee, Ki Ha

ITF Pioneers CD Review & Whats On The CD

Taekwon-do: Identity & Technical Balance Of A Martial Way - by  Manuel E. Adrogué

by Stuart Anslow III

Female Chest Protection Range by QP-Sport

Poll Results Write Up On Various Aspects Of Taekwon-do

The Difference between a Punch, a Strike, and a Thrust
by W Rhee

Stuart Anslow - The BUTF - The Truth by Stuart Anslow III

Why Rayners Lane TKD Academy's Mr. Anslow offers one of the best TKD training
                                                                                                                                                             by Yi Yun Wook

Taekwon-do Blues
by Stuart Anslow III

Rayners Lane TKD & The Martial Arts Press

10 Tips For Successful Competition by Stuart Anslow III

Book Reviews: Complete Taekwon-do Hyung, Volume 1 & 2 (By Master Hee Il Cho)
                                                                                                                                                         by Stuart Anslow
Martial Art Movie Reviews by Anthony Whitaker

Martial Arts Motivation & Setting Goals by Stuart Anslow III

Grappling For Kicks by Stuart Anslow III

Competition: Is It Good Or Bad by Stuart Anslow III

Patterns: Are You Missing The Point? by Stuart Anslow III

Perserverance Was The Key by Derrick Clarke II

A Students View Of The World Championships by Lyndsey Reynolds

A Students View Of The World Championships by Toni Bennett

A Students View Of The World Championships by Kate Barry

A Students View Of The World Championships by Zoe Bennett

Interview With The Academys Instructor
by Clayre Bennett & Esmond Francis

The 47 Faithful Ronin Of Ako

Mr Anslows 3rd Degree Black Belt Grading

It takes no time at all to know something, but it takes a lifetime to gain wisdom. Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on the back of an ass. - Korean Proverb
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