My trip to the world championships

When we got to the competition I thought wow! There are so many different countries and so many competitors. We walked into the arena then we went and found a bench to sit on, Master Darcy and Master Ameris (boy were they loud) introduced themselves and the competition began. At the start there was some music which I didn't like the sound of as it made me think that I was going to get my butt kicked and go home with all sorts of injuries, but I thought, I`m so glad I`m not doing sparring.

Anyway master Ameris started to call out all different numbers to report to different rings, I heard my number. That's when I started to worry and in my head I had second thoughts, but I thought what the heck I came here not just to try to win anything but to do my best and make sure I enjoy myself. So I got up, walked to ring seven (where I had to go) and then lined up with everybody else. Then I heard my name being called,  it was my turn to do a pattern. I walked to the mat and started doing my pattern, when I had finished, I thought it was a bit quick and when I sat down I realized that I had missed half of it out, I was that nervous. When the score person read out the placings everyone was clapping. I went back to my seat where Kate and Lyndsey were sitting, they asked me how I did and I answered not good at all, but I did what I could and I quite enjoyed seeing all the different styles of patterns. My sister Zoe had just finished her patterns but didn't win anything and was getting ready for sparring. She went up for sparring and won her first fight but lost her second and that evening she lost her third fight in an Indian restaurant against the table, she ended up with a black eye.

Kate and Lyndsey didn't win anything in patterns neither did Mr O'Connor and Mr Anslow missed his name being called as he was watching Zoe fight. In sparring Lyndsey won silver, when she went up to get her medal it wasn't her name being called it was the lady she fought and beat! When lyndsey heard that, she started shouting at Grandmaster Hee IL Cho because she was very upset, in the end Lyndsey got her medal back! Kate won a few fights and lost a few, she won a bronze and bruised ribs. As for Mr O'Connor, well he didn't even finish his fight, as he had to go to the hospital with a broken nose! Mr Anslow, in point sparring won silver.
In destruction Mr O'Connor won bronze and Mr Anslow won gold. Kate did an elbow technique but didn't win anything.

I thought the championships  were  brilliant but I think it could have been more organised.
by Toni Bennett