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Taekwon-do Explosion 2002
(23rd June 2002)

Kick It 2001
(21st October 2001)

Taekwon-do Explosion 2001

(27th May 2001)

English Taekwon-do Schools Championships
(November 2000)

1st Open Martial Arts World Championships
(September 2000)

Kick It 2000
(April 2000)

Kick It `99: The Millenium Event
(November 1999)

Sunday Spar II
(October  1999)

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PUMA Open World Champs 2012

TKD Explosion 2011

TKD Explosion 2010

Master Willie Lim Seminar
20th September, 2008

South East Opens 2008
9th March, 2008

LTSI National Training Day (Including Hae Sul Seminar)
22nd April, 2007 (Courtesy of LTSI)

South East Opens 2007

11 March, 2007

3rd England IAOMAS Seminar

6th May, 2006

IAOMAS Canada visits England
May 2006

Rayners Lane Dan Grading

March 2006


Master Maidana Sparring Work Shop 2005
(1st November 2005)

London Heathrow Youth Games

2004: Year In View

AIMAA World Championships 2004
(23rd/24th October, 2004)

USA Kicking In The UK
(30th August, 2004)

2003: Year In View

Combat Magazine "Hall Of Fame 2003" awards
(25th October, 2003)

International Alliance Of Martial Arts Schools
Budo International Magazine

Taekwon-do Explosion 2003
(11th May 2003)

Kick It Championships 2002
(27th October 2002)