On 17th February 2008, Stuart Anslow travelled to Northampton to teach a seminar on pattern applications and Traditional Sparring. The seminar was hosted by Adrian Gent IV, Chief Instructor of White Tiger TKD along with the clubs under the White Tiger group and their instructors, Ron Denny IV & Tony Mawdsley II. In the true to the spirit of Taekwon-do he had also invited other local clubs along including Dave Anderson III (Andersons TKD), Rick Steele III (Kicking Lincs TKD) and Peter Whitehead III (Sutton Bonington Taekwon-Do), Instructors, black belts and colour belt grades all turned up to gamely have a go at some pattern applications and hopefully pick up some new things.

The seminar started at 11.30am and featured various applications from Saju-Jirugi, Chon-ji, Dan-Gun, Do-San, Won-Hyo, Yul-Gok, Joong-Gun and Toi-Gye. Everyone trained hard, only stopping for a half hour break for lunch. Before long it was 4pm and the seminar concluded with Mr Anslow giving an introduction to Traditional Sparring, then everyone getting involved in a few rounds.

I am pleased to hear that Mr Anslow felt everyone took to the Traditional Sparring well and was impressed with the skills on display and feels that should clubs take this on board, it will soon become a standard form of sparring within their schools with minimal effort required to impliment it. Indeed, many do similar already which was pleaing to hear. Well done to Andrew Boddington, who despite his young age compared to Mr Anslows :-) personally asked to spar (Traditional) with him, for the experience - Mr Anslow was well impressed with his attitude.

Northampton Boon Hae
Hosted by White Tiger TKD
"Great seminar yesterday all of my students enjoyed themselves.  They particularly enjoyed the traditional sparring at the end, and have asked if we can start to include it in our training.  I will be speaking to the remainder of the club and may be inviting you to do a seminar at our club in the future."
- Peter Whitehead III, Sutton Bonington Taekwon-Do and Self Defence Academy

"I have had nothing but positive feed back from my members who attended your seminar. I thank you for the enthusiasm you have instilled in them."
- Ron Denny, IV White Tiger TKD
"I had a great time at the seminar (learnt a lot) and hope u can do another 1 in the near future"
- Andrew Boddington, White Tigers TKD 1st degree

"Really enjoyed the seminar, nice to see how the patterns work in real life situations."
- Seb, White Tigers TKD

Below are some photos of the event.