Rick Clark Pressure Point Seminar

On May 26th, Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy hosted a pressure point seminar with one of Americas finest, Rick Clark (8th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, 7th Dan Taekwon-do).

The four hour seminar started with Rick introducing many pressure
points to those who hadn`t experienced them before, he also showed
many varied controlling and restraining pressure point applications. In
this part of the seminar, Sensei Clark explored techniques that elicit
compliance from subjects via pressure point manipulation and strikes.

Following this, Rick covered ITF pattern applications, specifically
movements from Dan-Gun, Do-San, Won-Hyo & Yul-Gok plus black
belt patterns Gwang-Gae, showing various pressure point applications
contained within movements in the tuls.

Finally the seminar covered Kyusho Waza in throwing applications
which was very interesting. How to use vital points to enhance the
effectiveness of throwing techniques, or to enable the use of throwing
techniques as a means of controlling an opponent without
incapacitation. Sensi Clark also demonstrated, kuzushi-waza
(unbalancing techniques) and explored how the manipulation of vital
points can be used to lead, control and unbalance an opponent in preparation for a
throwing technique.

All in all, a great seminar with a great instructor. Many thanks to Steve Rasmussen
(Ricks Uke at the seminar) for his assistance.

The seminar was followed by a dinner, with Sensi Clark as guest of honour,
Steve Rasmussen, Mr Patrick McCarthy, myself & 15 students! During the dinner
Mr Patrick McCarthy (5th degree) actually hypnotized Steve, which was something
to behold!

Everyone said they enjoyed the day & are looking forward to the next seminar with
Sensi Clark.