On 6th May, 2000, Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy hosted its 1st Year
Anniversary Party. To celebrate the clubs continuing success all the students parents
& friends were invited, and provided with a banquest of food. The highlights of the night
were some excellant demonstration put on by the students & a special surprise
demonstration put on by their instructor & some special guests.

The students demonstration was very well recieved all round, bearing in mind that
nearly all are junior students (no-one higher than green belt, with only one exception).
The demonstration started off with all the students demonsrating basics & a group
redition of Saju Jirugi. Then students performed three step sparring, followed by a
display of the kicks of Taekwon-do.

Students Lauren Read (aged 10) & Jade Harris (aged 8) showed how Taekwon-do can be a useful form of self defence even for youngsters by performing a routine against adults, finishing with a strike to a very vital point ! on student Darran King (17).

Kyle Augustine (3rd kup) gave a great solo performance of pattern Joong-Gun, followed by a display of free sparring, firstly without pads & then with pads to show the difference with respect to control and technical application.

This was followed by students Toni Bennet, Lauren Read & Zoe Bennett performing a group pattern (Do-San), which was preceded by Zoe Bennett (11) showing the patterns applications with the attacking students flying off in all directions.

Then the destruction techniques of Taekwon-do were displayed with Parvez Sultan (9th Kup) perfroming a flying high kick to break a tile held 7ft up on a chair, Kate Barry performing an elbow break through a stack of tiles, Michael Bennett showing a combination of side piercing kick & turning kick through tiles & Simon Schumacher showing a combination of front snap kick & back piercing kick through tiles, then Emma Schumacher (9) performed a knifehand strike through a board, much to the audiences amazment because she is so tiny. The demonstration ended with Christopher Hopkins, Kyle Augustine & Toni Bennett displaying Stamping kicks through tiles as well. Closely proceedeed by a rapturous round of applause from the audience.

Afterwards the guests had eaten, they were told of a surprise black belt demonstration that had been secretly put togethor for the students.

Instructor, Stuart Anslow (3rd degree) had invited some of his close friends down to perform in fromt of his class & their parents. The demonstration started off with a group redition of pattern Choong-Moo. This was followed by some very fast one for one kicking, in groups of two which had the audience captivated by the grace & speed of the kicks. Then it was onto full speed free sparring, no pads, just excellant control, giving a great display of what can be achieved with practice.

Then the instructor did a good self defence routine. All the attackers wore  hogu's under a tracksuit top to allow all attacks to be performed at full power, the routine demonstrated not only the kicks & strikes found in Taekwon-do but also some of the throws, locks & sweeps that are taught at the academy.

Then it was onto destruction techniques. This consisted of flying side kick over 3 people braking a board at the end, a 360 back kick through boards, a jumping back kick through 10 tiles, twin footed jumping front kick, a 2 directional kick, a well timed high reverse & jump reverse turning kick to tiles held arms out stretched on a chair. Finally finishing off with the instructor & long time friend & training partner John O'Conner (2nd degree) performing an air break each (a reverse knifehand & a punch) through two tiles. Then the same techniques were demonstrated on a stack of tiles, which when lit caused a big hush in the audience. Again the demonstration was greated with a raptous round of applause.

This was followed by the instructor thanking everyone for coming & helping out and a short speach. An exert from the following "In the short year the Academy has been running students have progress through the ranks, brought home many medals & some are now going to the World Championships this year. Students can rest assured that even though their journey will not be an easy one, when they reach the beginning, as black belt is just the start, they will be good, well versed black belts, capable of many things, but most of all I hope that through training they develop the love for the art that I have & discover that high kicks & humility go hand in hand. I hope to see you all at our 10th year anniversary party." To read the full speach
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The night, being a great success finally ending up with a disco.

1st Year Anniversary Party & Demonstrations
May 6th, 2000