LTSI XVIII South East Opens Tournament
- 27th March, 2022
(20 entries)

Yahya Mirza - Gold (Patterns)
Nick Brandt - Gold (Patterns)
Siddharth Madapusivijay - Gold (Patterns)

Abesan Kethiesan - - Gold (Special Technique)
Jorja Anslow - Gold (Special Technique)

Adam Belhadj - Gold (Team Patterns)
Yasmina Ibrahim - Gold (Team Patterns)
Kamila Zakaria - Gold (Team Patterns)
Mounir Belhadj - Gold (Team Patterns)
Siddharth Madapusivijay - Gold (Team Patterns)

Boris Meggeneder - Gold (Sparring)
Kamila Zakaria - Gold (Sparring)
Jathusan Kethiesan - Gold (Sparring)
Zynab Zakaria - Gold (Sparring)
Mounir Belhadj - Gold (Sparring)
Nick Brandt - Gold (Sparring)
Siddharth Madapusivijay - Gold (Sparring)
Jorja Anslow - Gold (Sparring)

Nishil Mapara - Gold (Team Patterns)
Jathusan Kethiesan - Gold (Team Patterns)
Zynab Zakaria - Gold (Team Patterns)
Nick Brandt - Gold (Team Patterns)
Jorja Anslow - Gold (Team Patterns)

Boris Meggeneder - Silver (Patterns)
Kamila Zakaria - Silver (Patterns)

Jorja Anslow - Silver (Patterns)

Aditya Mondeti - Silver (Sparring)
Nishil Mapara - Silver (Sparring)
Abesan Kethiesan - Silver (Sparring)

Nishil Mapara - Bronze (Patterns)

Yahya Mirza - Bronze (Sparring)

Yousif Ibrahim - Bronze (Sparring)
Parvez Sultan - Bronze (Black Belt Sparring)

Rayners Lane Miyagi-Do won the Junior Team Patterns Event
Rayners Lane Eagle Fang won the Senior Team Patterns Event

Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Avademy won the 'Best Overal School' award

Event Video: Coming Soon

Team Patterns Video: