White Tiger Taekwondo Tournament
- 4th February, 2018
8 Entries - 1st/2nd Place Awards only
Jorja Anslow - Gold (Special Technique)
Rahul Limbu - Gold (Special Technique)
Elias Boston - Gold (Special Technique)
Siddharth Madapusivijay - Gold (Sumo Sparring)

Simran Vara - Gold (Patterns)
Zynab Zakaria - Gold (Patterns)
Helen Krychowska - Gold (Patterns)
Jorja Anslow - Gold (Sparring)
Rahul Limbu - Gold (Sparring)
Elias Boston - Gold (sparring)
Simran Vara - Gold (Sparring)
Ojas Shrestha - Gold (Sparring)
Siddharth Madapusivijay - Silver (Patterns)
Siddharth Madapusivijay - Silver (Sparring)
Zynab Zakaria - Silver (Sparring)
Helen Krychowska - Silver (Sparring)

LTSI XV South East Opens Tournament
- 4th March, 2018
Rayners Lane came 3rd out of 48 teams
Simran Vara - Gold (Sparring)
Sharan John-Alex - Gold (Patterns)
Sharan John-Alex - Gold (Sparring)
Vesa Kelani - Gold (Special Technique)

Matt Baxter - Gold (Special Technique)
Matt Baxter - Gold (Sparring)
Wonder Women Plus 3 - Gold (Team Patterns)

(Maiya Radia, Helen Krychowska, Maciek Krychowski, Elias Boston & Arjun Radia

Simran Vara - Silver (Patterns)
Vesa Kelani - Silver (Sparring)
Elias Boston - Silver (Patterns)
Helen Krychowska - Silver (Sparring)
Rayners Lane Rockets - Silver (Junior Team Patterns)

(Siddharth Madapusivijay, Issa Majeed, Ojas Shrestha, Jorja Anslow & Rahul Limbu)

Farah Dhaliwal - Bronze (Patterns)
Helen Krychowska - Bronze (Patterns)
Yousaf Majeed - Bronze (Sparring)
Elias Boston - Bronze (Sparring)

TKD Pure (Black Belt Champions Event)
- 24th June, 2018 (1 Entry)
Matt Baxter - Gold (Heavyweight Sparring)

BUTL Championships
- 28th July, 2018
Nittant Moudgil- Gold (Patterns)
Matt Baxter - Bronze (Patterns)
Lyndsey Reynolds - Bronze (Patterns)
Zynab Zakaria - Bronze (Sparring)
Lyndsey Reynolds - Bronze (Sparring)

LTSI VII English Opens Tournament
- 7th October, 2018
Rayners Lane came 1st out of 48 teams
Farah Dhaliwal - Gold (Patterns)
Nittant Moudgil - Gold (Special Technique)
Elias Boston - Gold (Special Technique)
Zynab Zakaria - Gold (Sparring)
Elias Boston - Gold (Sparring)
Rayners Lane Rockets - Gold (Junior Team Patterns)
(Jorja Anslow, Rahul Limbu, Siddharth Madapusivijay, Nittant Moudgil & Nick Brandt)
Jorja Anslow - Silver (Patterns)
Nick Brandt - Silver (Patterns)
Vesa Kelani - Silver (Patterns)
Jorja Anslow - Silver (Sparring)
Rahul Limbu - Silver (Sparring)
Vesa Kelani - Silver (Sparring)
Wonder Women Plus 1 - Silver (Team Patterns)
(Kamraan Majeed, Vesa Kelani, Zynab Zakaria, Sharan John-Alex & Farah Dhaliwal)
Nittant Moudgil - Bronze (Patterns)
Elias Boston - Bronze (Patterns)
Sharan John-Alex - Bronze (Sparring)
Nittant Moudgil - Bronze (Sparring)
Siddharth Madapusivijay - Bronze (Sparring)
Bahaar Kaleem - Bronze (Sparring)
Nick Brandt - Bronze (Sparring)
Farah Dhaliwal - Bronze (Sparring)