Welcome to the Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy photo album.

10 Year Annivesary Party

Rogues Gallery of Injuries

Academy Visitors

Christmas at Rayners Lane TKD 2007

Christmas at Rayners Lane TKD 2006

Champion of the Universe - Adults

Champion of the Universe - juniors

Christmas at Rayners Lane TKD 2005

Cute Pics

Final class of 2003 (Kids & Adults) + Christmas Dinner

John Lyon Students & Final class of 2003 (Little Dragons)

More friends of the Academy & photos of the Instructor

Christmas Dinner 2002

Christmas 2002 Class Photos

The Munch Bunch!

Friends of the Instructor

Students having fun at the last session of 2001

Various Photos, Zoes Scar, Esmond Side Kick, Clayres Flying Side Kick + others

Locks, Takedowns + others

TKD in the ring, Release Techniques, Take Downs, Split Kick Break, Students Training, Locks, Black Belt Presentation

2001 Students, Throws, Flying Side Kick, Gichen Funakoshi, Twisting Kick Break, Students Sparring At World Championshipd, Box splits & more

Jump Reverse Kick, Flying Side kick, Neville Wray, Chokes, Groundwork, World Championships with Master Hee Il Cho & others

Knife restraint, 1st competition, Jump Reverse Turning Kick Destruction, Flying side kick, Street Self Defence + others

Competition pictures, Alfie Lewis, Early Academy group photo, Master Juin, Double Jump Front Kick Destruction, Ground work & others

South East Opens 2011

Taekwon-Do Explosion 2010 + more

Taekwon-Do Explosion 2010

South East Invitationals 2009

Lutterworth/Leicester Championships 2009

Taekwon-do Explosion 2007

White Tigers 2006

LTSI Invitationals 2006

Taekwon-do Explosion 2005

London Heathrow Youth Games

BUTF British Championships 2004

Kick It (February 05)

AIMAA 2nd Open World Championships

LTSI South East Open 2004

Kick It 2004 Pt1

U.K.T.A. London Open

Kick It 2, 2003

Taekwon-do Explosion 2003

Kick It 2003

Rare photo of once when the ITF & WTF were togethor

Kick It Championships 2002

Taekwon-do Explosion 2002

Kick It 2002

Watford Taekwon-do Tournament 2001

Taekwon-do Explosion 2001 - A
Taekwon-do Explosion 2001 - B

World Championship 2000 - A
World Championship 2000 - B

Early Competition Pictures - A
Early Competition Pictures - B
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