On February 23rd, 2004, Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy were honoured to be paid a visit by Fereidun Dariagard, 6th dan from IAOMAS Denmark.

Stuart & Fereidun spent a few hours chatting, then Fereidun observed the Rayners Lane students in training before finishing off by demonstrating some techniques & applications from his system, which was enjoyed by all.
Stuart & Fereidun
Fereidun demonstrates a take down from a reverse turning kick!
Fereidun demonstrates a block & take down combination, followed by a leg bar!
Fereidun demonstrates a cool thumb lock                                  Fereidun with Rayners Lane Academy students & with Stuart Anslow
Kick It 2004 - Part 1
Kick It 2004 - Part 1
Bako Kadir throws a turning kick!                                Followed by a side kick, in sparring...                  and a side kick in his pattern (Won-Yo)
Colin Avis thorws a back kick                                And a nice jumping front kic...                                  followed by a side kick!
Dev Patel catch his opponents jaw witha  jumping turning kick. Dev performs a nice side piercing kick in his patterns... and also a nice front kick
Justin Goh throws his jumping spinning reverse punch.                      Earlier on he threw a nice jump reverse turning kick (a couple of times)
Mr Anslow lands his downward kick in the team sparring. Mr Anslow demonstrates Po-Eun Tul & throws a side kick at his heavyweight opponent
Vijay Sood throws a nice back kick & perfroms Dan-Gun tul
Kick It 2004 - part 1

Report by Dev Patel