The tube!!! thats a TV program man!
Colin slips Tims punch
Hmm.. food
Remind you of anyone? Doh!
Introducing Sabumnim Posynick to the class on his first visit
Trying to pull some English birds!
IAOMAS Canada's UK Tour
Tim sparring with David
a tongue in cheek photo album
How to deal with the crazy canucks
Gang Signs Canadian style!
Hmm.. food!
Canadian at the palace gates... alert.. alert..
Hmm.. beer!
The Guard at the Palace watches him closely
Next Tim takes on Dev (left), before challenging Stuart (below)
Dave & Tim - punch for punch!
Tim and Stuart spar and have a bit of a laugh in the process
Afterwards Tim needs a drink, whilst Stuart still looks his usual sexy self!
Tim hook kicks Stuart when he wasnt looking and Stuart replies with a side kick!
Best of friends really!
IAOMAS Canada's UK Tour
A good day at Windsor castle
Hows that for a controlled jumping kick!
The Flying Side Kick Test
scores at present

England: 2
Canada: 0
USA: 0

see here

LOL :-)