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Justin, a fearless ITF man, shows him its okay!
Dave tries to show a brave face, but still clings to the inside!
Too much starch in Justins T-shirt me thinks!
Dave was close to tears at the top of St Pauls.. thats Annette chuckling at the sight of it!
Justin explains about Londons seedy underbelly to Dave & Annette!
IAOMAS USA Kicking In The UK
IAOMAS USA Kicking In The UK
It wasnt the height (shown here), Dave just didnt feel safe!
The London Connection: a tongue in cheek album
Stuart, after realising that Dave was so short, explains how to grow properly!
They have invaded!
(joke about so many Starbucks around)
Dave almost furfils one of his many fantasies!
Spot the tourists!
It was funny! He wasnt even in Wales!
With their body guard :-)
Dave & Annette at the very top (thats 502 steps) of St Pauls Cathedral
The Millenium Wheel or London Eye!
Dave puffs out his chest when we passed HMS Belfast & began singing "In the Navy"
Dave shows Stuart his scariest face (Stuart laughed)
Annette & Dave near that "Big Clock"
Watch out! The IAOMAS Boyz are in town!
Annette & Dave in view of London Bridge & Big Ben
Many will know the story of how the Americans wanted Tower Bridge, but called it London Bridge. It ws promptly sold for billions & shipped stone by stone to the US. LOL

The real Tower Bridge remains today in the City of London!

Seriously though, we had a great day. We met up about 10am, Annette, Dave, Justin & Stuart visited the monument of the Great Fire of London, St Pauls Catherdral, had a light lunch, visited Covent Garden, went on a Thames River Cruise passing Parliment, a raised (rare) Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, HMS Belfast & Traitors Gate amongst other things. We finished off with a trip to a London Bar & later, a mexican meal.

We had a fantastic day day together, talked martial arts (obviously) amongsts other things. Dave informed us that WHARF stands for "Warehouse At River Front"  & only apparently only 6 people died in the Fire Of London! (too many tourist guide books read perhaps)

Previous to this, Dave & Annette visited Rayners Lane Academy, and Dave taught & trained witht he class.
For a report of this click here - thats the Tower of London below btw!