USA Kicking In The UK
What can I say, I came home last night (October 30th) feeling honoured and
privilidged to finally have met my long time friend & fellow IAOMAS instructor
from across the seas, Dave Melton (and his lovely wife Annette), all the way
from the USA.

We met up a little while before class & went to the dojang & had a little
discussion on breaking amongst other things.

Dave graciously took the class through a short warm up. He showed some nice
hapkido techniques & some danjun breathing exercises, which everyone
enjoyed (especially me as I was the fall guy for the locks  - which I love being

Then he kitted up & drilled with the junior grades & sparred with all the
seniors & myself (that was about 20 students) - not bad for an old guy :-)

After class, we lined up & as I thanked Dave for visiting us & for taking the
class, when to my surprise he presented the certificate from the Molum
Combat Arts Honour Society, which I was honoured to recieve both for myself
& on behalf of
IAOMAS (thank you Tim), capping off a really great session.

Afterwards we went for a bite to eat & stayed there until 1.30am
(Dave missed his train back to the hotel LOL). We obviously chatted about martial arts, the Olympics (funnily enough it was Turkish & they had just won a silver after being beaten by the US).

Dave is an accomplished martial artist & thats plain to see, not just in his techniques, but also in the way he conducts himself. He was great company both in & out the dojang & I gotta admit, I was kinda sad he couldnt stay a little longer.

Hopefully, we`ll meet up again in person soon, if fact, just before laying out this page, we arranged to meet again before he goes home.
USA Kicking In The UK
The award presented to Mr Anslow read:

Molum Combat Arts Honour Society

Yap Suk Dai Ji Award

This is to certify that Stuart Anslow has obtained the privilege of Honourary Senior Yap Suk Dai Ji (Discipleship) within the Molum Combat Arts Association.
With all rights and privileges appertaining to that status within the organization.
Given under the authority of the Molum Combat Arts Association, August 1st, 2004, in the city of Whiteland, IN,

Signed Timothy J White, Director, Shihan 7th Dan
Molum Combat Arts Association