20th November 2004
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BUTF British Championships
BUTF British Championships
Mr Choy starts the event
Parvez in action
Paraas in action
Justin throws a front kick
Lyndsey throws a side kick
Sonal mixes it up
Colin throws a back kick
Justin covers up
Lyndsey out punches her opponent
Lyndsey sparring
Fintan & Dennis collect their medals
Parvez gears up for action
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Sonal meets a class opponent
Justin avoids a turning kick
Lyndsey sets up the right cross
Justin on the attack
Parvez is ready to go in
Sonal tries a high kick
Justin sparring
And covers as her opponent attacks
Lyndsey covers
Paraas sparring
Paraas reaches with a turning kick
Justin avoids another kick
Parvez - Jump Side Kick Destruction - Break!
Justin hooks inside
Parvez with reverse turning kick
Justin does a matrix!
Parvez Throws a jumping punch
Paraas guards a kick
Parvez goes toe to toe
Sonal throws a jump turning kick
Parras in battle gear
Parvez in the fight