Friends Of The Instructor
Lenny Ludlam
Lenny is from the UK & started training in Taekwon-do around 1982 (UKTA). He is a avid Taekwon-do video historian, having seen & trained  with many great martial artists (including Master Sken & Steve Morris amongst others), so if you  have any rare footage you`d like to share
with him, email the Academy & I`ll pass it on. As you can see, Lenny has great technique. These pictures are from when Lenny was 17 (1984-89)
Kick It Championships 2002
L to R: Mr Anslow (Black Belt Patterns), Mr Gautum (left-Black Belt Sparring), Mr Anslow (jump back kick-Black Belt Sparring) & Mr Gautum (Black Belt Sparring)
Back Row: Jessica McLeod, Khadra Yusuf, Amittai Antoine, Colin Avis, Mr Anslow, Mr Gautum, Parvez Sultan, David Lane, Bernard Rebelo, Justin Goh
Front Row: Emmelle Wilson-Raymond, Kanai Brand, Dev Patel, Lloyd Lewis, Sushil Punj
Top Right: Albert & Justin chill out, Sushil looks on as Kanai shows off his double gold medal win

Below: Parvez, Dev, Albert & Bako at the tournament
Kick It Championships 2002 (below)