Friends Of The Instructor
Lenny Ludlam
Lenny is from the UK & started training in Taekwon-do around 1982 (UKTA). He is a avid Taekwon-do video historian, having seen & trained
with many great martial artists (including Master Sken & steve Morris amongst others), so if you  have any rare footage you`d like to share
with him, email the Academy & I`ll pass it on. As you can see, Lenny has great technique.
From left to right: A great jumping turning kick,
jumping front kick, a good technical turning kick, a flying twisting kick (thats Lenny on the right btw) & a speedy side kick, to speedy for the film in fact.
        Manuel Adrogue
Manuel is a 4th Dan Taekwon-Do (ITF basis, independent grading), and has been training 19 years. He is from Argentina & has a great linage of Moo Duk Kwan and Ji Do Kwan. He has trained in other styles (one year Kung Fu and one year Taidokai Kenpo from a japanese instructor (very similar to Shorinji Kenpo), and have had exposure to great masters through their seminars and/or classes, such as Ji Han Jae , Kwang Sik Myung (Hapkido); Choi Hong Hi , Si Jak "Henry" Cho, Hee Il Cho, Kim Pyung Soo, Young Bo Kong, Park Hae Man (TKD), Hwang Kee, Hwang Hyun Chul (Tang Soo Do); Tae Joon "Henry" Lee (Hwa Rang Do).

He has competed and won championships in sparring (national level), forms (USA and UK) and breaking (USA). Like many instructors, he considers TKD one of his two jobs (being a corporate lawyer by day, Instructor at night). Manuel says "Most people think it is my hobby, as I don't get money from it (I just have 5 students -3 time a week, 1.30 hs classes)". He does physical conditioning early in the morning, TKD training at night.

Manuel has competed in the UK. He says "It was nothing important, although I have a  great memory of such occasion: During November 1993 I went to the inaugural meeting of TaekwonDo International, a group lead by TAGB president Dave Oliver. We stayed in Leicester for just three days. I attended as assistant -and translator- of my instructor. When we were there, I found out that the annual TAGB Open Championships would be held that very afternoon, so I just registered in patterns, went to the hotel to get my dobok, and arrived to the stadium just before being called. I performed Eui-Am, and placed third out of 70 black belts".

For further insights from Manuel, plus more pictures of himself & Korean Masters see his brilliant article