Kick It 2 - 2003
July 6th, 2003
Kick It 2 - 2003
July 6th, 2003
Parvez Sultan & Justin Goh show some kicks
Khadra Yusef on the attack
Mr Gautam on the attack as well
Khadra Yusef ready for battle
Firooz Nadiree lets loose a turning kick as Justin attcaks with a side kick
From Top left, clockwise:
Bako Kadir performs a nice jump back kick!
Firooz Nadiree shows his flexibility with a high side kick
Justin Goh prtformds jumping back kick
Mr Gautam, jumping reverse turning kick
A student performs downward kick
A nice jumping crescent kick
Justin Goh's side kick keeps his opponent at bay
Justin follows with a hooking kick
Obviously copying mr Gautam :-)
Parvez Sultan with a nice high flying side kick
Watch out for the reverse turning kick