Rogues Gallery of Injuries
Injuries List

- Mr Guatam -
Broken Foot - April 09

- Saphwat Simab -
Broken Arm - April 09

- Calvin Thomas -
Dislocated Shuolder at Dan grading - Ambulance required - April 09

- Oliver Roberts -
Severely Bruised Ribs during sparring - Ambulance required - March 09

- Abigail Maunders -
Broken Foot - March 09

- Katie McLeod -
KO'd - Ambulance Required - 2008

- Mr Anslow -
Badly cut eye during Traditional Sparring - 2007

- Stephen Harland -
Broken arm during sparring - 2007

- Zuhayr Chagpar -
Broken Foot durng Traditional Sparring - 2007

- Vijay Sood -
Broken Nose at competition - 2006

- Justin Goh -
KO'd at comp - spoke gibberish for 4 hours afterwards!! - 2005

- Zoe Bennett -
Badly cut foot from a demo tile break, requiring stitches - 2002

These are just the ones we remember... if you remember others please let us know!

Mr Gautams broken foot (left) & Abigails broken foot (below)
This page is to remind students that safety in training is of the utmost importance. All of these injuries were sustained through normal training, not over zealous or overly aggressive fellow students! Bumps, bruises, the odd black eye etc. are part of the course, but more servere injuries do happen and this is a reminder for ALL students to take care, as some of these were even sustained during the warm ups!
Mr Avis's broken foot (below) - received at a Dan grading where he continued with the grading for another 2 hours until completion
Mr Anslows cut eye, which he recieved following a knee to the head during traditional sparring. Instead of stitches he patched it up with steri-strips.
Vijay Sood's black eye and broken nose received during a 'light contact' veterans divsion!

Zoe Bennetts scar, following a badly cut foot after breaking some tiles at a demo in 2002