Saturday 20th June 2009 saw the Academy, its friends and supporters celebrate a special landmark in its emergence into the TKD public consciousness -reaching its 10th Birthday! Northwood football club was temporarily transformed a lavish balloon filled party zone and posters featuring pictures of students and memories throughout the years occupied most of the walls.  All students, both past and present, and many friends and supporters of the academy were invited to the TKD event of the decade!

Guests from the academies present and past flooded into the 'Vid hall' to hear Mr Anslow give a speech commemorating the event and thanking its supporters over the years, and to hear the results of the very much hyped-up "Fun Oscars". For some weeks prior to the event, Mr A had sent round a nominations list asking students to vote for a whole host of categories including 'Wickedest kicks', 'Best lookalikee' and 'Outstanding contribution'- to name a few!!  All the nominated people were treated to an ancient picture of themselves displayed on the screen for all to see prior the announcing of the winner!  Reluctant parents, guests, in fact anyone in the general vicinity of Mr A were dragged up to announce the winners of each category. All the winners were presented with mini-trophies as a little momento of their 'achievements'

After the awards, Mr A had scheduled the Academies longest standing member, Miss Kate Barry to make a speech, however she used this time  halt proceedings much to Mr A's confusion . Instead she and Mr Avis presented the gifts the students of the Academy had contributed! One was an Anniversary book, filled with messages of congratulations from most of the students and many from Mr' A's friends from abroad.  The Academy also gave him a commemorative plaque, a Joke camouflage belt, and a new black belt with the Academy's logo, and a quote written in Hangul. (BTW, the Academy gift panel would like to extend its thanks to all students and friends of the Academy who made contributions towards the surprise, you all made it worthwhile!!)

After all the excitement, we were all pretty hungry and the lavish treatment of the guests continued with a massive buffet which catered for all tastes, which everyone enjoyed by the looks of things!!

10 Years of Rayners Lane
Taekwon-do Academy
A Decade Celebration

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The Anniversary Book
The Anniversary Video
Open publication - Free publishing - More taekwondo
Photos from the Event
With bellies happy everyone was called into the 'video' room to watch the
Celebratory video of the academy-which had captured most of the
moments which have transpired since the academy's humble beginnings.
  This allowed the students to indulge in the nostalgia in the evening,
reliving past successes and remembering previous characters of the

Video over, it was onto the partying of the evening!! - DJ Snow played the
music and set the tone for the kids of the academy to tear it up on the
dance-floor, showing everyone their non-TKD talents whilst the other
guests watched, chatted and propped up the two bars for the remainder
of the evening! - all in all, it was a truly memorable evening !