Dev Patel throws a side kick
Farhad Ahmad catches his tall opponent with a hook kick
Justin Goh fights his was to the finals                                                               Dev Patel & Justin Goh meet in the patterns finals
An all action final  with Justin Goh (Rayners Lane) facing off to Terry Massiah (LTSI)
More pictures from justins quest to make the Mens Senior Coloured Belt Finals
Li Sun shows good technique in the Mens Junior coloured Belt finals against A Morley of St Albans                        Paaras Tank throws a nice kick
Mr Anslow faces Kick Boxers on the way to the Black Belt Sparring finals
More pictures from Mr Anslow in the Black Belt Open Weight Divisions
Black Belt Destruction Division. Mr Anslow performs Jumping Back Kick
Report by Mr Snow                Results               LTSI Pictures               Info on next years event
Sushil Punj covers well in the Kids (Senior Grade) divisions & shows a nice side kick
Mr Anslow competes in the early rounds of King of the Ring
Mr Anslow fights in the King of the Ring final and wins.                    He collects his trophy from the event organiser Mr Chris Snow