In October I traveled to Kent to attend a
seminar by Master Juin Mahai, 8th Degree
Taekwon-do Master. That day saw me go
to work, help out at the Academy (Del was
in charge that day), travel to Kent with my
car breaking down on the way, attend the
seminar, watch a black belt grading,
drive home & go out to the pub & the
cinima. To say I was  knackered on
Sunday would be an  understatement.

Anyway. I arrived at the seminar a little late
, not a good start, but as luck would have it
the students were warming up under Mr
Williams (IV degree). So I quickly formed in & we all went through some coloured belt patterns, Chon-ji, Dan Gun & Do San. Plus we did Saju Jirugi (yes, black belts still do it) & Saju Makgi. Then Master Juin said a few words about the differences in Korean dialect & terminology & commenced with kicking exercises. All kicks had to be at full power & were performed first at mid section & then at high section. Kicks included front snap kicks, turning kicks, side kicks, back kicks, reverse turning kicks, spinning hook kicks, jumping reverse turning kicks & flying side kicks.

Master Juin then went on to demonstrate an armlock & sweep takedown, which seemed very effective. Again urging the seniors to attack at full speed & do the takedown at speed. He next went onto a choke release technique, which although I have learnt it before, there was a slight variation on it, which made it interesting. He then showed an exercise for regaining breath, again a variation on the one most of us do already.

The seminar then focused on sparring, with Master Juin pointing out his
disaprovall off to many western boxing hand techniques replacing traditional
Taekwon-do ones. He emphasied speed & power, but with control for safety. We
sparred under his watchful eye for a fair while before the seminar came to an end.
After which I was able to have a little chat with Master Juin & his ideals on
instructors & black belts (which are fairly strict).

This was very much a hands on seminar, with most of it being partner work.
Overall I feel that coloured belts would have enjoyed & benifitted from this seminar
quite a bit. Master Juin was more concerned with doing a technique effectively,
rather than it being pin point perfect, pointing out the fact that different people
perform differently because their er.... different, a valid point I think.
My aching muscles the next three days were testament to the hard training and
they let you know its worth.
Master Juin Mahai 8th Dan Seminar
October, 1999