Fact or Fiction

Sine wave Love it hate it any martial artist can not ignore it. Sine is claimed to make the martial artist faster, fitter, stronger, and more effective in their application of the art.

The question that is asked is what are it origins.

Yes science does play a major role in its application, but how was it introduced into Tae Kwon Do. Below are some of the stories as to how and by whom sine wave was introduced into Tae Kwon Do. It your decision as to what story you believe.

The Western Story

Grand Master Sheiff was watching some people horse riding when he observed the movement of the riders. The faster the horse went the greater the movement of the rider. In training he applied the up and down movements he had observed in the riders to his techniques in the Dojang and felt they where a lot more effective. On consulting General Choi and showing him his new discovery sine Wave was born.

The Eastern Story

A noted Korean academic was travelling from Korea to Japan by ship, in extremely bad weather. The ship was hit by a large wave and passengers were thrown across the ship, and as a result many suffered serious injuries.

The academic was struken by the damage that a wave could cause and experimented on ways of lessening the damage without success.

It was during a causal conversation with some friends about his experiments that a senior ITF instructor who was with him thought about the idea that if a wave is invincible maybe it could be applied in Tae Kwon Do. He put his idea forward  to the ITF executive who at first were very sceptical, but as you know the rest is history.

The Southern Hemisphere Story

A number of TKD masters were doing a  tour of New Zealand and Australia to promote Tae Kwon Do.

While on tour they were invited to see some of the wild life and went to a Kangaroo sanctuary. The masters were interested in the way that the Kangaroos and other related animals moved and how efficient it was for saving energy. They looked  how this movement could be applied to humans and came up with the idea of sine Wave.

The Northern Story

One of the first TKD masters to be sent to Scandinavia was stuck in a snowstorm while driving to a training session. Four hours later he was eventually dug out. A patrol man waved him on and informed him to follow the signs.

On returning to Korea years later he talked his experience to other masters and thought about how he could show his appreciation to the patrol man He remembered how the patrol man had told him about the signs and waved him on and has dedicated sine Wave to the patrolman.

Take your pick! :-)