Top Female Protection
For Martial Artists


QP-Sport are the New Zealand manufacturer of Europe's biggest selling range of  top quality chest protectors, suitable for all women who participate in the martial arts, fencing & other action sports.

Lightweight     - for comfort
                     Flexible            - for best fit
                     Strong               - for safety
                     Cool 'n' dry         - cover made from Tactel ®

Breast's, rib's, sternum are all covered with the very flexible, yet very strong (virtually
unbreakable) polyethylene guard. Held firmly in place with especially designed cover with two
front panels made of Hi Tech, two way stretch *Tactel ®. This fabric allows movement of
moisture, to speed evaporation, which is the body's natural cooling method. (If a bra is worn
under the Maxi Guard, we recommend it be of a synthetic fabric type for the same reason.)

*A licensed DU PONT ® product. 86% Tactel®, 4% Nylon and 10 % Lycra®.

No heavy padding needed with Maxi Guard as the guard is a neat and 'correct' fit on the body.


The Maxi Guard cover has plenty of stretch so the cover is fitted first, then the guard is
inserted between the front layers of fabric, and removed after competition or training, to
further aid cooling.

PROVEN world wide. Sold by many of the worlds leading sport’s distributors.

                                       Cool choice for active women.
                                       Flexible plastic inserts increase comfort, support and protection
                                       Tested in universities. Proven equal to top American sports bra's for support
                                                                                (with protection as a bonus!)

Made from Tactel / Lycra® for best comfort and performance & cool 'n' dry comfort.
A "double thickness" pocket is formed over each breast to firmly hold the carefully
shaped plastic inserts in position. Inserts easily removed or fitted while Cool Guard
is being worn. They do not touch the skin.

Guard inserts
Made from soft but strong Polyethylene. Insert extends around under arm for added
protection and to better locate the insert in position. Six sizes available.

The complete Cool Guard offers protection against painful knocks in Soccer,
Hockey, Rugby, Football, low impact Martial Arts and other sports.

Also excellent for Jogging where breast weight can cause shoulder strain.

Cool Guard supports the breasts and holds them firmly in position in their natural
shape. Most sports bra's merely pull the breasts tight against the chest.

Note. As this is a new product in our line up it will not be available from all agents immediately.
            See the Agents list to check your nearest dealer or Email us for help.

                       Econo Guard

                                         Econo Guard -- protects women in sport
                                         Lightweight - for comfort.
                                         Flexible - for best fit.
                                         Strong - for safety

                                              REDUCE RISK’S IN YOUR
                                                      CHOSEN SPORT

Breasts, ribs and sternum are all covered with the flexible, but strong,
(virtually unbreakable) polyethylene guard. Held firmly in place with
adjustable elastic straps.

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