What Top Women Martial Artists
Say About QP-Sport Protection

Christina Crank - Six Times USAKF Karate Champion

Christina Crank from South Carolina is a Black Belt with Six USAKF
Championship Titles and over 35 other first place titles. The youngest girl
ever to be inducted into the USAKF Hall of Fame.

Following is what she has to say about QP-Sport`s products. "You ask
how I feel after using the Maxi Guard . In a short sentence. 'It's great!' It
does the trick. It helps in my training as well as my tournaments.

In my training, I spar with adults and  adult black belts. When I say spar,
I mean SPAR nearly full blast. I spar with 4th dan black when they hit in
some serious female places".

"My instructor teased me by wanting to cut out a part of the Maxi that helps protect my solar plexus because his punch was not as effective when he struck me there!. In short, ' IT WORKS.' In my tournaments, the Maxi does not restrict my movements, and really protects the occasional hit or kick to the ribs. After all, no one can block 100% of the time. The Maxi also lets my body breathe better than some of the other brands I've used".

"The 'Cool Guard' is the greatest. The best chest protector for training I could ever have. It is great for jogging, full running, jumping, and is fantastic when I'm grappling and doing self defense moves. I don't even know I've got it on until another student accidentally elbows or hits me in the chest. Then I am sure glad that I have been wearing it all along "  (Above is Christina [right] in action. Photo by Bill Bly)

Stella van Hattum - New Zealand National Karate Team Coach
We are privileged to have Stella van Hattum endorse our Maxi Guards. Stella has been a
major help in the testing and design of the Maxi Guard since first development started in 1994
. She will not spar or coach without wearing one and insists that all girls at her school are
wearing a Maxi Guard at all times in the Dojo. Stella gained third degree Black Belt. Captain
of New Zealand Karate Team since 1994. Karate New Zealand Sportsperson of the year 1998.
Retired from competition 1998. Stella (shown at left) is now coach and co-selector of the NZ
National Karate Team. Part of her long list of medals in international competition from 1993
onwards can be found below.

Medals and  awards won by Stella van Hattum (formerly Lenihan) of N.Z. in International Karate competitions.
1998 World Champs Brazil. 5th in Open and +60kg.
1998 Test-South Africa V NZ, Pretoria. 1st place women's team.
1997 World Cup, Philippines, Top 16 placing +60kg.
1997 Ladies International Cup, Tokyo5th placing +60kg.
1997 World Games, Finland, Top 8, women's +60kg.
1997 Oceania Karate Champs, Brisbane Gold Medallist, women's Open.
1996 Women's World Cup, France. Semi-finalist, women's +60kg.
1996 World Championships, South Africa Top 15, women's team event.
1995 Ladies International Cup, Tokyo Semi-finalist, women's +60kg.
1994 Women's World Cup, Fukuoka Semi-finalist, women's +60kg.
1994 Oceania Karate Champs, Tahiti Gold medal women's open and +60kg.
1993 Women's World Cup, Fukuoka Semi-finalist, women's +60kg.
1994 to 1998 New Zealand Nationals Gold Medallist women's open and +60kg.
Plus many other N.Z. and Australian awards.

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