On the 21st of September this year, Mr Anslow, Mr O'Conner, Toni, Zoe, Lyndsey and myself (students of Rayners Lane) took part in the World Championships in Ireland.

I thought that this was a good experience and a great three days. Most of the days were the same thing apart from the events. On the first day of the competition it was all sparing and this was the first of the five medals came, I got a bronze medal for sparing in the ladies division, lyndsey also won a medal, she got a silver medal for sparing in the ladies division, Mr Anslow got a silver for black belt point sparing.

The second Day consisted of Patterns and Breaking. This was the day for the other two medals, the first came from Mr Anslow in the black belt breaking in which he got Gold, Mr O'Conner also got a medal for breaking, he got Bronze.

In these three days we saw Mr O'Conner break his nose in the first fight that he did. It was just before the end of the match that he won on default but could not continue as he had to go to the hospital. Also on that day we saw Zoe get a black eye, this was not due to fighting but due to hitting her eye on the table in the Indian restaurant where we were having dinner.

Toni and Zoe did not win any thing but I think that gained a lot of knowledge of the marital art as they saw a lot of fights and technical details in various things.

The whole trip was a very good experience and we meet a lot of very experienced martial artists, including Grandmaster Hee ll Cho (9th degree), Master Philip Ameris (6th degree), Master John Darcy (5th degree) and Master Javed Khan (5th degree). We saw a good performances from theses people on the last day and it was a good experience to meet them as well and see the amount of respect that they all had from every one there, even those that didn't know them.

The whole trip was a very good and an enjoyable event and I hope to go again next time.
by Kate Barry