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Greetings from Ontario, Canada. Very informative web site. ITF CD is worth the buy.
Stuart is a great source for answering questions. Thanks!
- Dina Scheitz, Canada

The CD is excellent, as well as being a great peice of Martial Arts history, it's also a valuable peice of film history. I really love the footage of the patterns with the mountain back drop. - Steven Tindle, UK

CD is good, a definite collectors item.
- Phillip Fox, II,  AIMAA Ireland

Received today.  Thank you very much. 
P.S.  The bag drill with Master Kong is spectacular.  Master Murray has a
videotape of a similar demonstration that was filmed at Master Kong's Do-Jang.
Sincerely, Bob Perry, II Dan, USA

I have received the cd's you sent. I think they are incredible educative for me.
I was looking for this kind of cd's for a very long time.

I can not express how good I think they are.

I also would like to know whether you have more of these videotapes or cd's with General Choi Hon Hi himself or his seminars.
I will be very gratefull if you'll let me know.
Thanks in advance,
Inga Pitchy, Belguim

ITF Pioneers CD
Rare & Historic Video Footage Of The Pioneers OF Taekwon-do

Through some of my connections in the Taekwon-do world, I was fortunate to come across a CD Rom that I feel may be of interest to students of Taekwon-do & martial arts. This is not a `how to CD`; it is much more than that, as it contains footage of the pioneers of our chosen art of Taekwon-do. Pioneers with such recognizable names as Rhee Ki Ha, Park Jung Tae, Hee Il Cho, Choi Kwang Jo, Park Joog Soo, Kong Young Il, Choi Chang Keun, plus others & of course General Choi is on there as well, giving an introduction to Taekwon-do.

It contains all the original ITF patterns from Chon-Ji to Tong-Il, performed as they were meant to be (sorry but the sine wave is not very pre-dominant here). It also features the famed `missing` pattern Kodang.

In addition, there are demonstrations of 3 step sparring, 2 Step Sparring, Breaking, Self Defence, Model Sparring and Foot Sparring, all performed by the original Masters of the art.

There's footage from a demonstration held in Germany in 1973 by the ITF demonstration team at that time, displays of bag work & kicking drills, free sparring & self defence. This is all part of the original ITF Training films (which form part of the CD).

Later on there's classic ITF footage of self-defence & multiple breaking techniques, plus Master Kwang Jo Choi performing bag work.

Furthermore there's footage from the 2nd ITF World Championships with Master Park Jung Tae showing focus, flying high kicks from different camera angles, plus Master Hee Il Cho performing warm up & the demonstrations he is now world famous for. I couldn't believe he's being doing those blind folded jumping back kicks & blind folded reverse turning kicks for over 30 years. There's also a section on a special techniques competition which features the UK`s own Ron Sergiew, plus more of Master Hee Il Cho performing a demonstration in New Zealand in 1984. There is also a little something extra on there as well!

I have my own personal video of Taekwon-do, as it was practiced on UK shores in the 70`s, transferred from an 8mm camera, but these masters were at least twenty years ahead of their time compared with their UK counterparts. Remembering that most of this footage is twenty to thirty years old, you cannot help but be impressed.

All the items on this CD are digitised video, in MPEG format (playable on any PC/Mac), the quality is not great, but for the ITF enthusiast it is a priceless record of the early Pioneers Of Taekwon-do.

As soon as I heard about this CD I had to have one, the masters mentioned were too good to resist. I believe every Korean style martial artist in the UK & the world over will recognise many of the masters names, some have left the ITF many years before & established their own presence on our arts, but they are all here, together, on this priceless CD of Taekwon-do history.

So taken with affection for this piece of Taekwon-do history, I felt that this should be made available to anyone interested in martial arts; Taekwon-do & related arts in particular & as such, I have secured a deal to pass these on in the UK (the actual author is on the opposite side of the planet by the way). It should be noted that some parts of the CD has no sound track, but this doesn`t distract from the overall viewing.

Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy is the only place in the UK where these CD`s are available. The CD`s are authorised by the ITF & I personally am authorised by the author to pass them on in the UK.

They are usually available in limited quantities through the Academy website for 25+postage