Taekwon-do Explosion 2007
Super Cool Video Reel of the event

AIMAA World Championships 2004 - 16.6Mb
Sappring, Patterns & Destruction Action from the 2004 World Champs

BUTF British Championships 20040  - 16.6Mb
RL Students enter the lions den!

Kick It - October 2004
- 5.70Mb
RL students Patterns & Sparrng at Kick It 2004 - October

South East Open 2004
- 5.47Mb
RL students Sparrng & Breaking at the South East Opens

Kick It - March 2004
- 6.42Mb
RL students Sparrng at Kick It 2004 March (Individuals & Team events)

UKTA London Open 2003 - 4.79Mb
RL students Sparrng at a UKTA Event

Kick It 2003 - 7.21Mb
RL students Sparrng at Kick It 2003

Kick It 2002
- 7.51 Mb
Instructors & students sparring at Kick It 2002

Video Clips
Video Clips

6th to 3rd Kup Syllabus DVD Preview
A short reel for the Academy DVD

10th to 7th Kup Syllabus DVD Preview

A short reel for the Academy DVD

Rayners Lane In Action
- 21.4Mb
Various training that is done at the Academy

LTSI National Training Day (Inc. Hae Sul Seminar)
YouTube Video - Courtesy of LTSI

Past Masters Tribute    - 5.12Mb

Flying Kick Practice  -   15.7Mb
Students of the Academy Practice their flying kicks

Youth Achievement Awards Demo
- 23.6Mb

Self Protection Clip
   -   3.79Mb
Why everyone should learn self protection!  (1.74Mb Low Res Version)

Rayners Lane Angelz - 14.8Mb
Some of the ladies of the Academy show their warrior sides!

Training at Home     -   37.9Mb (wmv)
A long clip showing Warm Ups, Stretching, Conditioning, Floor to Ceiling Ball & Heavy Bag work

Self Protection Practice   -   2.23Mb (wmv)

Radio Interview with Mr Anslow
(Academy Chief instructor)   -   5 Mb (wmv)

IAOMAS DVD section1    - 14.6 Mb (wmv)

Highlights of Mr Anslows competitive career
- 21.3MB (wmv)
-   7.04Mb (wmv format)
  14.09Mb (wmv)

Black Belt Grading - 33Mb
March 2006 Dan Grading

nd Kup (Red Belt Grading) - 31.7Mb
Colin Avis & Fayaz Latifi testing for their 1st Kups

9th, 8th, 7th, 4th & 3rd Kup Grading - 23.2Mb
Students Testing at a Grading