Kup Grade Certificate
Present to students, along with their new belts, when they pass a grading
Student Of The month Certificate
Presented to single student each month for various reasons from effort in class, winning medals, doing something exceptional etc.
Winning students also receive an award similar to the Student of the Year award (right).
Dan Grade Certificate
Presented to students following a succesful Dan grading, along with their black belts, blazer badge, gold plated lapel pin, Dan grade dobok and black belt tie. (Click picture for full explanation of certificate)
Student Of The Year Award
Present to single student each year.
one for adults and one for juniors
End Of Year Prize
At the last lesson each year the Acacdeemy holds a fun competition or raffle. There are prizes suitable for both adults & children.
In 2005, the adult prize (for 1st place) was this beautiful sword set and dispaly stand.