Training Diary
This page was started in late April 2004. Its purpose is to show prospective students & irratic students what we do or have been doing in classes. It will be updated now & then to give an overall view of the Academy

However, that was 2004 and this is 2007 and now 2008. The page made way for another but I have decided to revive it.

Monday, 18th March
With a grading due on Wedneday and the tournament just finished at the weekend, Mr Anslow use the warm up to cover some areas of competition. In particular how to deal with heavier opponents, taller opponents & 'bulling' opponents, running through tactics and techniques to counter-act these types. The rest of the class covered grading criteria, patterns and beginners items.

Wednesday, 4th March, 2009
As a large tournament & a grading was due shortly, the juniors class covered patterns, free sparring, destruction and the flying high kick (for the event). The adult class was split into 4 areas - destruction, patterns, beginners and grading material. The warm-up consisted of restricted free sparring, following the loosen up & stretch.

Saturday, 28th February, 2009
Following a short warm-up, this class followed on from Wednesday with Self-Defence techniques, specifically self-defence applications taken from the Ch'ang Hon patterns. This covered the entire class

Wednesday, 25th February, 2009
Following the junior's class, a Self Protection course took place for both Academy  students and outside participants. The course was run by Mr Avis II, assited by Mr Anslow & Ms Reynolds. It covered self protection principles, line-ups, pre-emptive striking, methods of attack & escape, the legal side of self defence, strikes, releases, ground escapes + much more. Feedback was excellant. Here's  sample from some of the teenage attendee's parent "Just to say that my son and daughter and her friend really enjoyed the class and took a lot of good advice away. Could you mail me when the next one in Harrow is being held as I may have other friends who may wish to do it."

Monday, 11th August, 2008
This was a self defence orientated class. After a short warm up we intermixed some fitness work with break falls (back, side and rolls). Following this we went onto body drop throws from the rear, then footwork for throwing from the front and more body drop throws (front). By-passing the usual line-up of throws we went onto kneel shoulder throws and spent a while practicing them. All done changing partners every 10 minutes or so to practice against varying sizes of opponents  After a short break it was onto anti-weapons (weapon defences). The class were split into twos, with various matted areas for different weapons. Over the course of the next hour, students practiced self-defence against close range knife & gun, medium range club attacks and just for fun, nunchuka attacks (yes really)

Wednesday, 9th January,  2008
The junior class did a hard, no thrills warm up, followed by some fun as they did work hard!  Following this, Mr Sultan took the green & blue belts through 2 step sappring, patterns, semi-free sparring & free sparring, whilst Lyndsey took the tellow belst through 3 step sparring, patterns & basics. Mr anslow took all the white belts to ensure a good foundation eventually giving the very beginners to Mr Gautum and concentrating on Chon-Ji and Saju-Jirugi with the rest.

In the adults class, we did a hard circuit warm up using steps & chairs (!!) &  Partner Stretching. From this, the class was then split... those that needed destruction practice did so, whilst the 10th & 9th kup went through their syllabus requirements. Mr Anslow floated from group to group but mainly concentrated on the blue to black belts who were practicing Hosinsul. As well as going through a few things relating to good hosinsul practice he also showed them a rolling knee bar, which was cool! The clas finished with pattens applications, one set for junior grades and one for seniors.

Saturday, 12th January,  2008
After a brief warm up, students concentrated on hand combinations (using contact of course), this flowed onto hand & knee techniques and combinations, following onto knee grabs and clinches, further ways to attack with the knees, defences and takedowns using the knee and finally elbows. In between stretching was done. Split into adults and juniors and stretching finished, everyone then practiced some competition type sparring combinations of double turning kicks, jabs, crosses and follow ons, increasing in intensity each round. Finally, free sparring was the order of the day, with seniors allowed to do traditional sparring and juniors competition type sparring (for safety as its a hard wood floor in this class).

Following a short break, it was onto boon hae (applications). Split into junior grades (white & yellow belts) and senior grades (blue, red & black belts with the greens joining for some deeper apps), the lowe grades were taught and practiced applications from Chon-Ji and Dan Gun, including releases, elbows, presure point defences, vital point striking, applications involving low section blocks, knifehand guarding blocks and a few others, plus of course the combinations they accompany. Seniors started with a combination from Joong-Gun, involing palm pressing blocks and angle punch to form a lock and choke combination, as well as various sun sonkut tulgi applications, from shoulder throws, to releases.

Wednesday, 9th January,  2008
Mr Avis took charge of the main kids class, with a fund but invigorating warm up & work out that had the kids chirping for more. Part way through the warm up I stole a selection of the kids (that were due to grade soon) and whilst Mr Avis took the main class through patterns, sparring and other stuff (that I couldnt see as we had a big green curtain between us), while Mr Anslow took the kids that were grading through an indepth training session and review of what they needed when they grade.. no short cuts, just hard work from a group of kids that are willing to put that hard work in to achieve what is required... kudos to them for that!

In the adults class, following a warm up with the focus pads, including finess reps and various other things we were onto the crux of the class. Junior grade adults practiced and engaged in drills & sparring to practice their sweeping techniques, whilst the senior grades took solice in traditional sparring (low kicks, high kicks, knees, elbows all in-vogue here).  Following this the juniors went onto some rounds of choke sparring, whilst Mr Anslow had a go with the seniors and was having way to much fun. Many round latter, just one split lip & one cramped leg were the only injuries on the senior mats, so it was time for a short break.

Following the break, all students were shown close range knife defences.. well junior grades used knives, and senior grades used guns. Front disarms, rear disarms and hostage disarms were shown & practiced and this continued until the close of class.

Wednesday, 19th December 2007
As this was the final class of the year, it more of a fun class than anything else, but remains important as its when we announce the 'Student of the Year' results. The kids class started at 6pm and whilst Mr Gautum warmed the kids up, myself and the black belts/seniors set up an obstacle course. The kids were split into 2 teams, with roughly equal heights/ages facing each other. The course was under the bamboo bars (8" off the floor), along the zig zag wall, up the mat moutain jumping off onto the crash mat 'Starksky & Hutch' style, over the Bo staffs then under the Bo staffs and a sprint back for the next one to go!  After the teams it was onto 'fastest laps', with each going round twice trying for the best time (results in Jan 2008 Newsletter). The kids love the obstacle course!  Following this, all the kids got a VCD (of Academy videos) and we did a Chritsmas raffle. Prizes included sets of focus pads, Ben 10 and Turtle figures, DVDs and lots of Christmas choccy boxes. After this, as most of the adults were there, we did a few rounds of sparring... kids Vs Adults, with the adults having to go ontheir knees.. good fun.

In between the two classes we presented the 'Student of the Year' awards (results in the Christmas magazine), then all the youngsters received a Christmas magazine and off they went as we began the adults class. Again, Mr Gutam took the warm up whilst we set up a more dangerous obstacle course. Two teams were made and off they went: again, under the bamboo poles (same height as the kids had), up the 'ledge' (5 step boxes high).. from there they had to leap across a gap onto all the mats placed on top of each other (about 1.5 metres high).. thats two students at the same time, 1.5 metres off the floor, with a 1 metre square area to land (yes it precarious).. then they jump down and go under the crah mat 9slightly raised off the floor), over the poles (higher than the kids had), under the poles and back to the start.. yup, the adults had fun to (big kids that they are). After this it was onto team tug 'a' war.. this was hilarious.. check Facebook for the video!  Following this we had a grapple and throw contest, both teams not knowing who they were facing.. having to force each other off the mats by any which way or secure a win with a throw. The threat of burpees always loaming not far away for the losing team. Then it was onto a choke sparring contest. We end the physical stuff with some team free sparring, with each team having to protect thier areas, whilst getting their "principle" to the opposite side of the hall and seated on a chair.. it was fast and furious fun!
We rounded up the night with the adults Christmas raffle... a set of samurai swords, a limited edition Bruce Lee picture, a samurai statue, DVDs, Xmas choccy boxes and IAOMAS seminar CDs were all prizes to be won!  The class closed with all students receiving their VCDs and Christmas magazine. A portion of the class headed to 'The Clove' for a Christmas feast and many interesting discussions were had over some tasty food and drinks, so for a few, the last night of training for 2008 started at 5.45pm and finished at 1pm Thursday morning :-)  Just the Christmas party to go on Saturday!

Wednesday, 6th December 2007
With the final grading of the year fast approaching grading preperation has been the mainstay for classes over the last few lessons. In the kids class, after a quick warm up (by Kate), it was onto the grading material. Repitition can be boring, but in martial arts, its vital and the younger students coped admirably. Basics, patterns, 3 step, 2 step, semi-free and destruction were all covered depending on what students needed the most. However, in the adults class it was different kettle of fish as the older students are more than ready for the grading and just need the odd bit of practice here and there. Mr Avis started up the class with a good pad work warm up. Once I had dealt with the usual array of parents I took over from where he left off. We got out the mats and proceeded to practice leg take downs under fire, then we went onto  various defences against leg takedowns. We just rolled on, with various throws (in self defence mode using underhooking), head lock defences, ground defences, leg locks, leg take downs and even rolling throws (which was fun).

Wednesday, 14th November, 2007
In the adults class, following a brief but intensive warm up by Mr Avis the whole class started on conditioning work. Starting with the inner forearm, then the outer forearm, then the elbows, then knuckles, fingertips, fists & wrists, inner hand, shins, thighs, stomachs and finally a full body conditioning routine... this lasted almost an hour. Following a short break to recover, the class went onto kicking drills, followed by sparring, concluding with a brief stint of patterns.

Monday, 5th November, 2007
The class warmed up/fitness training via circuit training tonight - this included focus pad work (Hooks, Jabs, Upper Cuts), kick shield work (power kicking and speed kicking), skipping, jump kicks on floppies as well as exercises and running. Following a stretch we introduced a special guest, Sabumnim Robert Frost, 6th degree, who had travelled all the way from Australia. Despite his high grade he was more than willing to get involved in the training we were doing that evening so he grouped with the black belts who were going to do 'full contact' one-step sparring. Whilst this was going on, the 8th kup's and above practiced destruction and Mr Anslow took the white belts through some syllabus stuff before getting them working on kicking techniques on shields. Following this, the whole class did some free sparring in which again, Sabum Frost participated in, allowing everyone there that night to have the opportunity to spar witha  6th degree of many many years experience. The class ended with some pattern applications utilizing 'Dollimyo Makgi' (circular block) as a strike & choke, as well as a painful armlock.

Monday, 29th October, 2007
Tonight was a throwing night. My senior female student led the class warm up whilst I dealt with some other matters. then is was onto throwing work. Starting off with break fall rolls, then onto standard breakfalls. Following this the adults practiced hip throws, whlst the juniors practiced body drop throws - all the while I was demonstrating where in the pattern 9and saju jirugi) these throws can be found. After hip throws, the adults went onto shoulder throws (2 varieties, both found in the patterns), whilst the kids practices major outer reaping throws and then went onto practice scarf holds with a little 'pinning' contest. After the kids went, we set up a throwing competition - 2 teams, so sizes varied like reality, a take down secureda  win, but a 'back to front' throw (as practiced earlier) secureda  win + 10 burpees. Whilst the 10th to 5th kups did these, the 4th kup + went onto Juyo Matsogi Dae Dando. All in all, a good, fun and informative night.

Wednesday 24th October 2007
Tonight was an interesting night. For starters I've had flu for over a week now... a really bad one and I felt terrible, but the class must go on. The kids class was very disciplined and I am proud to say the kids did really well. Very little moaning and they worked hard. Moreso, as I worked on basic kicking in order to get the quality of the kicks up a bit. When I started the class I had a coughing fit... so i gotb the most senior to demonstarte the exercises whilst I called the commands and the students counted... I think he was sutibly happy to be leading a class.. well hes only 10, but I had no other choice as I was coughing and coughing and coughing ad infinite.. you get the picture.

After the basics we split them up and did patterns.. slow, in detail and again they just got on with it! All credit to them.

After the junior class things got interesting. Some local uni students were doing their finals and were making a documentry on martial arts. Very nice they were to, its just ashame they caught me on a real bad 'flu' night. Still, in my absense of action the rest of the students performed well. Good sparring, good patterns and Vik, Colin and myself (1 round before the next coughing fit) did some traditional sparring... I think (and hope it looked okay as I was feeling really weak, but also a bit bad as they had originally asked if they could film me, so into Imdomitable spirit mode it was). Anyway, no mats, just a hard wood floor and off we go.. kicks, punches, throws, sweeps, ground work.. all good fun and best off all, it seems the training is really kicking in as Colin said he never noticed the mats wernt there, which means his break falling is now second nature... bloody excellant.

Vik and Colin did many breaking teachniques for the camera... 3 boards for each technique, so it should look good. Jonathan and Lyndsey also demonstrated some stuff.. not sure what exactly but Im sure it was good.

Finished the evening with some interviews.. i was dreading this part.. but I think (hope) they went okay!

Catch Up to 2007
Its been a couple of years since I started this page. It was discontinued to mke way for others but Ive decided to revive it and thought Id kick start it with a brief overview of the last few weeks. We've had lots going on, so here goes. A few weeks back we had a grading and just before I reviewed the grading policies and decided to fine tune some as extra qulaity control measures, this meant unfortunatly a few students didnt pass, but hopefully they will jump straight back in the saddle and learn from it as for many what is a disapointment ends up a motivational tool. The LTSI are holding a comp soon and we've been trying to get some training in for it, but not as much as I had hoped as the recent grading meant those that passed need to start learning their new stuff, this coupled with a DVD we've been filming meant less time for other stuff. Of late we've done the usual.. hard fitness sessions, traditional sparring for the senior grades, syllabus work, choke sparring and some competition sparring for everyone. Patterns of course, whilst trying to get some boonhae in every class (which has been a little sidelined due to the DVD and other stuff, but soon to return with a vengence). Introduced the lower grade to knife defence work a little while back, have to do some more of that with them.

Had a good session down the park a couple of weeks back. Warmed up with a mass football match, then onto some kick & combination drills. then some step-sparring with take downs (taught a few different ones including no arm throws) and some throws for the kid. this was followed by a few rounds of free sparring (with take downs for adults) and finished with some groundwork and finishing moves on the floor. All in all a enjoyable session.

The last few months of so has seen some old students return, some from years back, which is great to see. This unfortunatly is offset by 'uni' time and some of the older high grades have left the fold to go to university! Still, Rayners Lane rolls on!

I'm please to say most of the black, red and blue belts have been pretty regular, even after our recent camping trip they all turned up the next day and though I knew they were tired, I still pushed them hard and to their credit, they still trained hard with no flaking out. In fact its this consistent training, coupled with their high skill levels that set the standards for lower grades and I believe that the lower grades are doing well because of it.. so Ill share some of the credit with these guys and gals as the lower grade get good quality and thoughtful training partners when they go with the higher ones and thus, their levels increase dramatically even if they dont realsie it.

Anyway, thats a little catch up.. Ill update this page again soon.. stay tuned!


Wednesday 16th June
Tonight we concentrated on tecnique. Firsyly through patterns, followed by basic, but accurate & technical kicking & combinations, finally finishing up with various applications of Middle Section Block, utilised as a shoulder/arm lock, combined with finishing moves, plus applications of withdrawing the reaction hand. Some free sparring was has as well (in the kids class).

Monday, 3rd May
As it was a Bank Holiday attendance was low so we had an informal class & played the ball game (a rough & tumble game similar to rugby), following this all students practised their destruction techniques & we finished of with anti-knife defences & knife related free fighting/defence.

Saturday, 24th April
We had a fun warm-up with the youngsters being carried by the older students, then sitting on their backs during press-ups, standing on their stomachs during crunchies, as well as squats, squat thrusts etc. Followed by a good stretch.

Afterwards we split into groups. Yellow belts practised 3 step sparring with the instructor, Green belts practiced 2 step, white belts did basics. After this pad work was practised for combination work. Double turning kicks, bullet kicking, turning/reverse turning combination, side/back kick combinations, folowed by combinations ending with jumping punch. Blue, red & black belts had 20 minutes free time in which they boxed, did 1 step with knife etc. Then they practised senior grade patterns until the end of the lesson.

Wednesday, 21st April

After a warm up,and some aerobic combination work, the childrens class were split in grades. White belts went with the instructor & practiced/learnt their basics. Yellow belts went through patterns Chon-ji to Do-San (including Saju Jirugi). Green & blue belts practiced 2 step sparring, followed by 1 step sparring (blue belts).

Then the whole class joined together & went through sparring combinations that they had practiced earlier in the warm up, putting hand & foot combinations together, with emphasis on 'Guard' & 'Movement`.

The adults class was taken by
Sensi Henry Francis, 4th Dan Wado-Ryu, who came to the class to take everyone through the W.U.K.O. rules system in preperation for the London Youth Games. After a short warm up he explained the rules & points system & went onto some good training methods to prepare students for the tournament, which is based on the W.U.K.O rules, so students had to tailor some techniques. His training consisted of targetting work, movement, combination work including punch, kicks & sweeps, distancing work etc.

It was a good session that lasted 2.5 hours & was very enjoyable. I even got to train :-) & loved it. The session concluded with some light stomach conditioning work.

Monday 19th April

This class was throwing based & after a warm up & stretch it covered front, rear, side & rolling break falls. Then throws including body drop, front & rear hip throw, shoulder throw, outer reaping throw, inner & major/minor variations,  reaping throws & sweeping ankle throws. Explanations of how throws fit into the framework of self defence were given, plus 'do`d' & don'ts`

This was followed by circle training. Firstly with striking only (hand, foot, knee, elbow etc.), then again with striking, sweeping, locking & throwing. The session concluded with a number of choke sparring sessions.

Saturday 17th April
The classes loosened & warmed up in preperation for break fall practice. Break falls were covered including front, rear & rolling break falls. Followed by body drop & hip throw (and shoulder throw for seniors).

The second half of the class practiced flying kicks. Juniors practice flying side, jumping front kicks, flying high kicks & combination kicks over obstacles & to targets. Seniors practiced flying high kick, flying side kick, flying back kick, 360 back kick, split kick, spirral kick & 3 target combination kicks, over obstacles & to targets (pads & shields for power).