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Submission Guidelines
1. All articles must be submitted in word, RTF or plain text format only with minimal formatting
2. All articles must have photos and pictures to accompany them
3. Photos and pictures do not have to be high resolution. If we want one for the cover picture we will contact you for a high resolution picture.
4. 100-200dpi resolution is fine for photographs. Higher resolution photographs will be scaled down to save bandwidth and magazine size
5. Items such as Black Belt Essays must have a picture of the author accompanying them, though with regular articles this is optional in addition to other photo's
6. Please ensure you spell check your work before sending
7. Please send words in hangul or hanja/Kanji as Jpeg files
8. All articles must be the author's own work or have permission from the author to the submitter to publish them with this magazine - please state this in the email sent.
9. Upon submission, the submitter of the article and not the magazine or editor is responsible for any errors, libel or copyright breaches contained within the article (both text, photos and/or pictures) when published. Neither the magazine, nor its editor or staff can be held responsible for anything pertaining to an article or photographs/pictures published
10. The magazine reserves the right to choose what articles to publish, and in which issue, though most articles will be published ASAP
11. The magazine reserves the right to publish articles in the edition of the magazine it chooses, but will endeavour to publish most articles immediately
12. The author of the articles retains full copyright of their work, but by submitting it to the magazine agrees that it can be published within the magazine, both now and in the future
13. The magazine will be encrypted to prevent the copying of articles and pictures, but cannot be held responsible for errors or circumventing of these procedures
14. Once published, any article, both text and photos are subject to the public domain and therefore cannot be retracted. By submitting articles you agree that you understand this.
15. The magazine reserves the right not to publish all pictures submitted with an article, but will try its best to do so depending on space available.
16. The magazine reserves the right to split long articles over several issues if necessary
17. Articles will only be accepted by email, either grouped or in a zip file.
18. The magazine reserves the right not to publish every article submitted, without reason.