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"Awesome!!! Great Job!!!  Smokes TKD Times" -
Dave Ortiz, US.

"Great work !!!Best Tae Kwon Do magazine that I've seen" - Mondo, Italy

"Could not decide between TKD and Karate,now starting WTF TKD Monday.I think your Mag tipped me over the edge lol." -
Simon Bracegirdle, UK

"Very Impressive. A good mixed selection of articles. I'd consider this a must read for any TKD practitioner."
- K Veysey, Wales

"Just an excellent piece of work" -
Tony McGuigan, UK

"Looks good, reads good - Fantastic!" - Chris May, UK

"I am a newbie subscriber to Totally Tae Kwon Do (2016), and I am literally kicking myself that I hadnít subscribed before! It contains a wealth of knowledge, interesting articles, and insights as to how our great art has matured into what we practice today Ė I have found some real gems in the short time I have been reading, which I have eagerly propagated into my Dojang :) I would (and have!) recommend anyone serious about progressing their understanding & appreciation of Tae Kwon Do (whether itís WTF, ITF, etc.) to do themselves a massive favour and get onboard with this magazine!"
- Jon Bradburn (1st Degree), UK. Basingstoke TKD (PUMA-UK)

"For me personally TotallyTKD is one of the best TKD periodicals to have come about and been a loyal supporter since the first issue and will keep supporting for as long as I can!  It is such an informative and current source for news/articles covering the wonderful community of this beautiful Martial art.  I would recommend this magazine to any TKD enthusiast!  Keep up the great work!"
- Marc Chong-Seng, South Africa

"For many years I have read the magazine to see everyone's views and inputs. There personally is no doubt that this is one of the greatest magazines to share discussion and input in and this is why the ITC supports the magazine." - John McNally, International, ITC

"Always informative and itís refreshing to see reporting from all the different TKD organizations. It takes a lot of effort to put this together so keep up the good work Stuart".-
Keith D. Yates, president, American Karate and Taekwondo Organization

"Back in the 70's we had two magazines published for Tae kwon Do enthusiasts in the USA. Now we have one for the USA and then we have TOTALLY TAE KWON DO MAGAZINE for the world. The best, if not the only e-zine devoted to TKD. Articles are super and the class of the magazine is FIRST CLASS. Awesome features and direct photos. GM Brendan Wilson's articles are fantastically forthright. Ira Hoffman's articles are first class."
- Dr. George Petrotta, South Carolina, USA. I. S. A. M. A. Headquarters

"Congratulations persistence in working on the magazine! Lots of interesting information and facts from the history of taekwon-do and deserving champions and Masters. Keep it up!!!"
- Zbigniew Bujak, 7th degree ITF, Poland, vice president of the Polish Taekwon-Do Association

"Totally Taekwondo Magazine (TTKD) has been a monthly source of information since March 2009.  When TTKD first came out, I was concerned how long it would last doing a monthly publication and trying to keep enough content, much less fresh content. Many years later and humble bows to Mr Anslow for keeping the magazine on a very strong footing with many different voices representing the vast world of Taekwondo!  In addition heís managed to get articles and stories from everyone thatís anyone in the Taekwondo world". - Thomas Gordon, USA. Gordon Martial Arts

"I started reading the magazine about a year before you went to the subscription model.  I was introduced by my instructor, Master Doug Butler, 5th Dan.  I quickly downloaded all historical issues and wasted no time purchasing a subscription when the time came. I really enjoy the magazine, it is well written and contains loads of great information and articles.  All of the contributors should be proud of the content they produce.  I have learned much about the history of Taekwon-Do and also about technique and current events.Keep up the good work everyone!"
- Matt Vermette, 3rd Dan, Canada, Ki Moo Gwan Martial Arts

"The Global Tae Kwon Do Magazine is  one of the best Taekwondo magazine in the world today. which is publishing all taekwondo news,history of Taekwondo as well as the pioneers of Taekwondo information." - Krishna Balal, Former President Nepal ITF, Senior adviser Nepal ITF and NNMGC, National Sports Council Nepal.

"I not only look forward to each issue, I eagerly eye the calendar as the 1st approaches so I can promptly download and devour the issue.Each issue is 100+ pages of interviews, philosophy, news, techniques, reviews, theory, instruction, and advice...all on the cutting edge"
- Mike Swope, USA, Kansas Chun Kuhn Taekwondo Association

"Totally Taekwondo is an inspirational magazine that unites taekwondo practitioners regardless of style or affiliation.  Mr. Stuart Anslow does a magnificent job as Editor, putting it all together. Subscription to the Magazine is highly recommended for all serious taekwondo practitioners. ďEducation is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.Ē ? Socrates"  -
Arun Salgunan, USA, T.P.M. Martial Arts (A Chosun Taekwondo Academy Affiliate School)

"I've been training for over 20 years in TKD, and I find the magazine a useful source of information for different aspects of the art, including specialist techniques and advice from the people who've been there and done that. There is always something to learn - it's never ending! I especially like the interviews and articles from the Masters which give a first hand insight into the history, and how the art has evolved. I also like the way that all styles of TKD are represented, with no disrespect to any particular style. A very worthwhile subscription and reference tool."
- Adam Appleby, UK, Cullompton PUMA

"I thoroughly enjoy every monthís issue of Totally TaekwonDo. The submitted content from your team and abroad is always fresh, updated and provides valuable information on Taekwon-Do from both a current and historical context.Keep up the great work. Thank you."
- Master Charles Avila, United States, Trinity Taekwon-Do

"I've read and enjoyed the magazine from the beginning. I find it stimulating and have contributed articles of my own to support this wonderful resource for news, views, history and technique." - Brendan Doogan V, iTKD New Zealand

"Totally Tae Kwon Do is an excellent resource for ideas, news, debates and history about Tae Kwon Do.  And I appreciate the way the magazine provides an avenue for TKD practitioners of all levels and backgrounds to communicate and share their thoughts and experiences." - Ira Hoffman,
KKW 4th Dan, United States

"Overall an excellent magazine! For the first time I can read about Tae Kwon Do without having to search for a single article in a martial arts magazine, normally filled with MMA only to find the Tae Kwon Do article all to brief, or lacking any real content. It's refreshing to see a non biased, non political, style independent Tae Kwon Do e-zine. Whatís more, Totally Tae Kwon Do is free! What more could any Tae Kwon Do practitioner ask for, a dedicated Tae Kwon Do e-zine filled with articles by those with knowledge to share Ė many thanks."
- Andy Taylor, UK

"Just finished reading the mag. excellant articles, informative, interesting and thought provoking. I am recommending all my students subscribe to it as an added learning tool, to enhance their understanding. Cant wait for the next issue."

- Brian Crawley, Alliance Of Independent Taekwon-Do Schools, UK

"Excellent magazine Stuart, cant wait for the next issue!"
- Dennis Crilley, ITF Scotland

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