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From 1st July 2012, Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine (including all back issues) may no longer be distributed freely as it is available only to those who have paid for a subscription or brought a back issue.

During its first 3 years, Totally Tae Kwon Do was provided free of charge to the Worldwide Tae Kwon Do community and as such, those who have downloaded an issue, up to and including issue 40 (prior to 1st July 2012) are free to keep and read those issues forever, but may not offer them for downloads (free or otherwise) or share them with others ie. they are for your personal use only.

Future issue's (issue 41 onwards) are now only available via subscription or a 'paid for' download. This also includes all issues, including all previous back issue's (issues 1 to 40) and future back issues.

Though we trust the integrity of our readers, we must point out that the magazine is copyrighted both as a whole entity (meaning the full magazine and the collective articles within it) and individually vai the authors who retain copyright of their articles and thus unauthorised sharing is a criminal offence.
Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine may not be converted into any other media format with out express permission from Harrow Martial Arts, including both digital (meaning online sites, flickbooks etc.) and printouts - though personal printouts are fine for personal use.

Worldwide copyright of all material (including pictures) is held by the originator of that material unless stated otherwise. The reproduction of any material extracted from within this PDF is strictly prohibited, unless prior agreement in writing is gained from the

The publishers reserve the right to reject any material tendered at their discretion. The publishers accept no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material. The submission of manuscripts or materials shall be considered a warranty that such matter is original and in no way infringes on the copyright of others.

Harrow Martial Arts make no representations, endorsements, guarantees or warranties concerning the products and / or services advertised within this magazine. Due to the nature of the magazine being still widely available long past its issue date, customers of adverts are advised to confirm any businesses advertised within this magazine are still trading before sending off any money, as Harrow Martial Arts cannot be held liable for any adverts, advertisers or consumer issues regarding products or services advertised within this magazine, which were correct at the issue date.

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