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This is a free edition of Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine, featuring many articles from our regular writers that have appeared in various issues throughout the years. If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing, so that you not only get the latest issue, delivered straight to your in-box (a week before everyone else) every month, but also to show your support for the magazine itself.

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The articles in this free preview issue are:
The Heart Of Taekwondo
Black Belt Success Plan
Sharpening The Knife-Hand In Taekwon-Do
Fighting & Self Defence - A Matter of Context!
Nam, Tae Hi: The Silent Founder Of Tae Kwon Do
Prearranged Sparring: Definition, Purpose & Value
10 Steps to Bring Back Taekwondo as a MARTIAL Art
Grandmaster Trân Trięu Quân - A Gifted Taekwon-Do Leader
Punching Injuries
Grandmaster Trân Trięu Quân - My Thoughts
You`ll Get Yul-Gok’d Out!
The ‘Sine Wave’ - Revisited: Thoughts, Theories And Facts, from the last 15 years!
Taekwondo For 40-Somethings
Koryo - Han Sonnal Arae Makki & Agwison Kal Jaebi
Work Place Violence (and other security issues)
The Pattern Paradigm
An Interview with Master John Black
What’s The point: Choong-Moo
Tong-Milgi: The Opening Of Koryo
The Real Original Masters of Taekwon-Do - Pt. 2
Sparring The Martial Ego
Living The Taekwon-Do Way Of Life In Our Training
Injury Proof Your Classes - Pt. 1
On The Shoulders of Giants - A Tribute to Supreme Master Kim Bok-Man
Strength Training For Tae Kwon Do
10 Marketing Strategies For Attracting A Steady Stream Of New Members To Your School
Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul - Part 5
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  Liam Cullen (cover), Patrick McWade, Grandmaster Trân Trięu Quân, Dr. George Vitale, Master Doug Cook, Master Earl Weiss, Master John Black, Master Michael Munyon, Master Frank Murphy, Master Ray Gayle, Supreme Master Kim Bok-Man, Dr. Zibby Kruk, John Dowding, Jeff Rosser, Řrjan Nilsen, Ira Hoffman, Paul O’Leary, Mike Swope, Simon O’Neill, Sanko Lewis, Richard Conceicao, Brendan Doogan, Colin Wee, Lyndsey Reynolds, Dr. Janel Gauthier, Shane Fitzgibbon, Jason Ainley, Colin Avis, Jake Weiss, John Karstadt, Patrick McWade and Stuart Anslow.