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Sponsored Subscriptions
Apart from your own personal subscription, we also offer a service called 'Sponsored Subscription', which will enable someone less fortunate to gain a yearly subscription as well. A sponsored subscription is half the price of a standard subscription and provides the magazine free of charge, for 1 whole year, for someone who is less well off or who perhaps cannot afford to take out a normal subscription. To read more about this service, please follow
this link or visit the Charity page.
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By subscribing to Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine, not only do you receive the latest issue first, each and every month first, but you also help the magazine to continue and is cheaper than buying individual issues.

Subscriptions are very cheap and work on a yearly basis using PayPal. You do not have to already have a PayPal account to subscribe.

A One Year (12 issues) subscription to Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine is only 20 (which is roughly around  24 or $33).... less than 2 an issue!
Please use the PayPal link to the right to start your subscription.
Personal subscriptions start from the latest issue available ie. subscribe in July and the July issue is the first issue of your subscription.
Gift Subscriptions
A Gift Subscription makes an ideal gift for a friend or family member who loves Tae Kwon Do. They can even be used as prizes, awards, rewards or incentives by club instructors for hard training students. To read more about a gift subscription please follow this link:
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