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Product Reviews
Totally Tae Kwon Do magazine has reviewed many products relating to Tae Kwon Do, from books to training equipment. Reviews are sometimes written by readers, but mostly they are 'Honest John' reviews by the magazines select (and secret) group of reviewers, that give you a true opinion on the product, both the good and the bad! So if you are thinking of making a purchase, you might ike to read a review about it first - so click the product to take you to the issue which holds the review.

You are on the 'Equipment and Other things' page, but click one of the links below to see what other items have been reviewed in the magazine.

Equipment & Other Things
Break Master UK (mk. 3)
- Issue 84
Tul Tour
- Issue 75, 76 & 77
The Stretch Loop
- Issue 8
Imptec Megastrike - Issue 17
LaJust Electronic Body Protector - Issue 11