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Issue 83 - January 2016

Totally TKD News

- Book By Taekwondo Pioneer Kim Bok-Man Selected As Finalist
- Muhammad Qualifies Rio Spot For Great Britain After Grand Prix Triumph Over Aaron Cook
- Jones Scoops Grand Prix Bronze As great Britain Secure Three Places for Rio 2016
- Stamper Ready For New Taekwondo Role After Calling time On Fighting Career
- 6th International Martial Arts Games

An Interview with Legendary Taekwon-Do Patterns Master Ray Smeathers
Totally Tae Kwon Do Wants You!
Steps to Bring Back Taekwondo as a MARTIAL Art
The ‘Decades’ of Tae Kwon Do
From Korea to the USA - Training Under the Legendary Jhoon Rhee in the 1970’s
Secret Applications Within Song Moo Kwan’s Hyung
Kids Need To Fail!
Measurable Goals
Ask The Grandmaster?
Chung Do Kwan in Antwerp, Belgium
The Smart Dobok - Keeping You Comfortable While Training
A Block...   ...Was Never A Block!
Exploring Korea: Imjingak
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