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Issue 76 - June 2015

Totally TKD News

Great Briton-Last Gasp Bianca Walkden Wins First World Title
New WTF Appointment
International Association for Taekwondo Research Elections
Maddock Impresses On World Championship Debut But Falls Short Of Medal
Not Poles Apart But Richards Can’t Make His Golden Point In World Championship Exit
Chosun Taekwondo Academy Hosts Quarterly Belt Promotion Test
Olympic Champion Jones Suffers World Championship Agony
Sansum, Booth Boost Britain’s Medal Tally On Last Day Of World Championship Action
Healthy Hydration
GB Boss Hall Happy With World Results But Wants Further Improvement
Tickets Go On Sale To Mark 150 Days To Go To The World Taekwondo Grand Prix
European Olympic Family Flies Into Belek For Annual EOC Seminar & General Assembly
EOC General Assembly Approves Netherlands As Hosts Of 2019 European Games
New York Taekwon-Do Seminar

Taekwondo Academics Gather In Russia
Tae Kwon Do History Made In Russia
The 5th International Symposium for Taekwondo Studies
An Interview with MCHF TKD’s Rachael Harrison
Tul Tour 2015: Journey of a Lifetime - Pt. 2
Lessons from the Tul Tour
Virtual Taekwon-Do - Is It Real?
Searching for the Perfect Curriculum
Talk Taekwondo: A Guide to Korean for TKD
Ask The Grandmaster?
Totally Tae Kwon Do Wants You!
Strength & Conditioning Principles for Taekwon-do - Pt.2
Someone’s Gotta Do it!
Exploring Korea: Buddha’s Birthday & the Lotus Lantern Festival
Innovative New TKD Website Launched
Bouncing Into Action
Tul Tour 2015 Applications - Pt. 2
Submission Guidelines
Sponsorship Packages
Patricks TKD Funnies
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