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Issue 74 - April 2015

Totally TKD News

- No Gold In Land Of Pharaoh's But Brits Don’t Leave Empty Handed
- Jones Survives Rocky Moments To Cap Superb Swiss Open For GB Fighters
- First Women National Taekwondo Championship Has Been Concluded
- Going For Gold-Muhammad Aims To Become Dutch Master
- Tough Selection For Worlds Says GB Taekwondo Chief Hall
- Chosun Taekwondo Creates Dedicated Taekwondo Books Section At Local library
- Central Taekwondo Record Best-Ever Result At Dutch Open 2015
- Taekwon-Do Master Narrowly escapes Death
- Golden Girl Jade Jones Part of ‘Exciting GB Squad’ Selection
- National Taekwondo Centre Set For £2.7 Million Refurbishment
- First Taekwon-Do Students To Visit Historic Location In Over 49 Years!
- Tul Tour 5 Reported On By Korea’s National Press
- UK Author Presents Book To Korean Cultural Society
- Magazine Writers Meet In South Korea
- ITF Raid the Mecca of the WTF; The Kukkiwon
- Extended Tul Tour
- 1st Westerner To Receive Ancient Korean Title of ‘Eomgosu’
- 1st Taekwon-Do Book Ever Written - Pre-Release Preview

Build Up To Baku
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Patterns Applications - The Essex Workshop
Grandmaster Kim Yong Soo - Interview
In the Shadow of a Grandmaster
The History of the Belt System
Ask The Grandmaster?
Back To the Source[s]: Grappling In Contemporary Sources?
Taekwondo Is A Lifelong Pursuit
Exploring Korea: Unhyeongung Palace
A Taekwon-Do School Is A Business
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