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Issue 6 - August 2009

Totally TKD News
- ITF Elections
- Totally TKD Forum
- 10 Year Anniversary Party

Was Taekwon-Do A Killing Art?
Protocol: Its Importance & Its Limitations
Master Willie Lim - Interview
Master Willie Lim, 2008 Seminar Report
Some Precursors To Tae Kwon Do - Pt.2
TaeKwon-Do Gradings
Low-Fat Has Low Benefits
Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul - Part 6
Totally TKD Most Rated Book Survey - Results: WTF
Out With The Octagon
How To Teach A Back Kick
The TKD Clinic: Dealing With Tendonitis
What’s the Point
A Field Guide To Taekwon-Do Etiquette
Honest Johns Product Review: "Tae Kwon Do:
The Ultimate Reference Guide to the
World’s Most popular Martial Art”

Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace Seminar Report
More On Adrenal Stress Training
Evolving And Training - Part 5
All I Really Needed To Know I Learned As A White Belt
Submission Guidelines
Keith Yates, Master Willie Lim, F. M. Van Hecke, Grand Master Trân Triêu Quân, Ira Hoffman
Glenn Smits, Simon O’Neill, Andy Taylor, Earl Weiss,  Marek Handzel, George Vitale, Christopher Spiller,
Michael Munyon, Malcolm Jones, Paul O’Leary, Andrew Elliott, Xiong Chan & Stuart Anslow