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Issue 13 - March 2010
Totally TKD News
- No Criminals As WTF President
- Congratulations - 1 Year Old
- TKD Documentries

Grandmaster Tran Trieu Quan - A Gifted Taekwon-Do Leader
Women Of Tae Kwon Do
Putting The ‘Kwon’ Into Tae-Kwon-Do
Mr Kick Pics Interview
Grandmaster Tran Trieu Quan - My Thoughts
Elite Training When Your Over 40
Step Sparring - Part 1
ITF Taekwon-Do League of South East Europe
Totally TKD Q & A - Replies
What’s The Point
The Development Of Democratic Operations At The ITF
I Reject Your Reality & Substitute My Own
Totally TKD Magazine Wants You!
MORE Footwork Tips For Closing The Gap: The Probe Step
How To Make Your Own Breaking Board Holder
Submission Guidelines
Where To Download Totally Tae Kwon Do

George Vitale, Earl Weiss, Michael Munyon, Velimir Mladenov,
Jason Ainley, Grandmaster Trân Triêu Quân, Paul O’Leary, Thomas Gordon,
Al Walkinshaw, Robert Barnes, Stace Sanchez  & Stuart Anslow