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Issue 110 - April 2018

Totally TKD News

- Walkden, McNeish strike gold as Brits on cloud nine at Sofia Open
- 4th Annual Golden Warrior USA Taekwon-Do Championship
- Keith D. Yates Celebrates 50 Years as a Black Belt

Taking the opportunities to Improve Yourself
A Link to the Past… USTA 2018 Poomsae Seminar
100 Rounds of Sparring Fundraiser
Totally Tae Kwon Do Wants You!
TAGB English Championships
Pro-Review: Break Master UK BM50
An Interview with Master Kim Beom
Being a Better Martial Arts Student
Pro-Review: The Opro Power-Fit Mouthguard
A Kick, A Punch and a Whole Lot More in the Land of Morning Calm
The Courage to Begin
“The Dojang”  Serialization - Pt. 7
For Better Martial Arts and Fitness… Just Turn Off the Dumb TV!
Ask The Grandmaster?
Shoulder Epaulette’s Colours
Brick Breaking
Submission Guidelines
Sponsorship Packages
Patricks TKD Funnies

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