Click on the link below to view/download a chart (Word Document) of the founders and main influences in Taekwon-do.

The page was designed to show the lineage of the founder down to individual members of the IAOMAS, but may be useful to martial artists of all styles for basic reference material.


1. All information contained on each chart has been researched via numerous websites both official and unofficial on the relevant style. Errors due to translations in naming conventions, uncertain historical facts etc are likely to exist in each document. Please email any major corrections to

2. Some charts are extremely complex due to the number of people contained in the tree. For this reason I have given basic details (i.e. Name, Birth/death, founder of/style practiced etc) on all charts listed below. No disrespect is intended where the titles Sensei, Master, Grandmaster ect have not been used.

3. It is my intention to update charts when required (Corrections, updates, additions etc). Each chart will have the date of last change annotated below.

4. On opening each document you will be asked for a password to modify or to open as read only. Select read only to view, if anyone wants to use this chart as a template then please contact me direct.

This family tree has been used with permission of Karl Webb, further family trees on the linage of Judo, Karate, Hapkido, Wing Chun and IAOMAS can be found by visiting and clicking the Family Trees link.

Many thanks to Karl for all his hard work & effort.
ITF Taekwon-do Family Tree
by K Webb