Vikram started Taekwon-Do when he was just aged 10 years old (in 1991). As a child he trained with Mr Anslows instructors Mr. David Bryan, 6th Degree and Mr. John Pepper, 2nd Degree at Wembley Taekwon-Do School, which was part of the BUTF (British United Taekwon-do Federation). He continued to train at Wembley Taekwon-Do School for the next 9 years achieving his 1st degree in 2000. Following his 1st degree he began assisting Mr Anslow at Rayners Lane Taekwon-Do Academy and eventually started training there full time due to university making it impossible to train at his former club due to conflicts in times.

Vikram is an full instructor at Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy. He is a 2nd degree black belt with over 19 years training in Taekwon-do and a high level of competition experience. Having come up through the same lines as Mr Anslow they share common principles of what is, and what is not Taekwon-do.

Both likeable and approachable, he is often found teaching alongside Mr Anslow, as well as training with the Academies students. Mr Gautam is an exceptional technician and fighter in his own right, but manages to encompass the aims of the Academy (that of being an all rounder, in all areas) both in himself and his teaching. His classes are fun, enjoyable, taxing but rewarding and his position is highly valued within the Academy.

Mr Gautam also has the dubious honour of the fastest TKO in the Academies history, where at Taekwon-do Explosion 2004 he ended his fight against another black belt within the first 3 seconds off  it starting, when he performed a jumping back kick (with no malcious intent) that connected with his opponents jaw, his opponent was unable to continue. Mr Gautam is took his 2nd degree in March, 2006, having been a 1st degree for nearly 5 years and opened his own dojang in Northwood (sadly now closed due to work constraints) in May 2008. Many video clips of Mr Gautam competeing can be found in the sites video section.
In October 2010, Vikram graded for 3rd degree under legendary pioneering Master, Willie Lim.

2nd Dan Black Belt Grading
March 2006 Dan Grading
3rd Dan Black Belt Grading
October 2010 Dan Grading
Mr Vikram Gautum, 3rd degree